Discovery Proteomics - Typically Small Sample Sets

Interrogate the proteomic differences between biological states using simplified proven solutions

Protein research is a continuous pipeline; Discovery proteomics involves a small set of samples (typically up to 8) in which hypotheses are tested, and key proteins are identified and quantified. These proteins can then be verified and validated in greater numbers of samples to account for biological variation.

SCIEX offers a comprehensive set of proven solutions to obtain and analyze large amounts of data accurately.

  • Quanitfy 1000’s of proteins in 8 or less samples
  • Simplify data workflow and processing

Multiplexed iTRAQ reagents combined with easy-to-use ProteinPilot Software provide the fastest route to your results. Large numbers of peptides and proteins are identified and quantified to determine which are potential markers or otherwise correlate with the differentiation between states. Learn more about our high performance solutions:

  • iTRAQ Reagents provide a simple multiplexed workflow for simultaneous analysis of up to eight different biological samples at a time.
  • ProteinPilot Software streamlines data processing, including the identification of hundreds of peptide modifications and non-tryptic cleavages, for the most thorough and accurate biological results.