Capsid analysis

Enable in-process analytics for your capsids

When it comes to viral vector based gene therapies, it is necessary to evaluate the stability and integrity of viral vector capsids. Having the right analytics for your gene therapy helps you bring a safe and effective drug to market. Time is also critical when getting a drug to market. That is why finding a robust technique that produces fast, reliable results is key.

However, current methods can be very time consuming and may not provide the sensitivity required to efficiently determine the quality of the capsids. There is also a lack of reliable and reproducible methods to cost-effectively manufacture these gene therapies.

This is where SCIEX comes in. SCIEX CE and LC-MS solutions provide you with precision analytics that give you the answers you need the first time around, while using small sample amounts, so you can bring a safe, effective drug to market faster.

Purity analysis

Ultra-high sensitivity AAV capsid purity analysis for samples down to the in-process product analysis requirement level of 1X10 10 GC/mL using CE-LIF separation. The efficient labeling and simple sample procedure lets you quickly and easily run this method – shortening the analysis process

Full/empty ratio determination

Optimize determination of full and empty capsids for your AAV samples across multiple serotypes with a novel cIEF-based platform method. With high resolving power, rapid analysis time and small sample amounts used, you are able to quickly determine the empty vs full capsid ratio to ensure your products are safe and effective.

Genome integrity

Get excellent separation resolution, a more comprehensive workflow and faster assessment time to confirm the ratio of intact vs partial genomes inside your capsid. This breakthrough method can be used across multiple serotypes and allows you to easily confirm the quality, safety and efficacy of your gene therapy.

Capsid product quality attributes

Flexible, deep analysis of capsid identity and post translational modifications using BPV Flex analysis of IDA or SWATH data from capsid samples. This will help you confirm capsid quality for better confidence of candidates or release products.

Gene therapy and oligonucleotide online symposium

Get access to a specially curated series of on-demand webinars that will help you accelerate your gene therapy and oligonucleotide development so you can get your drug to market faster than ever before.

Precision analytics for oligonucleotide, cell and gene therapy

As the technologies for manufacturing and analysis of gene therapy products continue to evolve, it’s important to keep up to date on growing industry trends and analytical advancements. This compendium can help advance your gene therapies and oligonucleotide therapeutics to the next level with the latest tools and methods.

Get the precision analytics that you need

PA 800 Plus Pharmaceutical Analysis System

Flexible platform for multiple analytical assays with a temperature controlled capillary for utmost data reproducibility and confidence

TripleTOF® 6600+ System

Great negative ion mode performance with the ability to simultaneously quantify both analytes and metabolites.

X500B QTOF System

This high-resolution QTOF system makes analyzing your standardized biologics characterization workflow answers easier, in a single benchtop platform.

SWATH® Acquisition

The only data independent acquisition (DIA) technique that allows comprehensive detection and quantitation of virtually every detectable compound in a sample (MS/MSALL)

SCIEX OS Software

Easy-to-learn mass spectrometry software platform that gives you the ability to control, acquire, analyze and manage your laboratory data.