RNA, DNA, plasmid purity/integrity analysis

Discover how you can analyze a wide range of nucleic acids and plasmids with ease

The quality and identity of your plasmids or nucleic acid constructs are fundamental to any type of gene therapy approach. It is essential to fully measure and characterize your nucleic acids at every step in the discovery, development and manufacture of gene therapies.

Traditional methods used today can be complicated and time-consuming, involving many steps on several platforms. At the same time, these methods can also produce inconsistent and inaccurate data, adversely affecting the quality of your results. SCIEX can help.

SCIEX can provide you with highly sensitive, automated and robust workflow solutions for RNA, DNA and plasmid analysis. These reproducible and transferable methods can save you time and give you the accuracy you need. Discover how today with the PA 800 Plus Pharmaceutical Analysis System and the GenomeLab GeXP™ Genetic Analysis System.

RNA and DNA analysis

Current methods for analyzing RNA and DNA samples can often fall short, making this a challenging task for today's labs.

SCIEX can help your labs overcome this challenge by enabling you to easily analyze a wide range of nucleic acids with a high level of resolution and accuracy. Make the move from poorly reproducible assays that require different gels to better solutions that will get you the results you need the first time.

Accurate analysis of ssDNA and dsDNA over a wide size range

Regardless of your linear DNA fragment, the PA 800 can be tuned for optimal size resolution

Global proteome profiling of CRISPR induced insertions and deletions

Quantitative analysis with extremely high sensitivity

mRNA and CRISPR guide RNA analysis on the same system

Complete one system allows for complete analysis of CRISPR CAS-9 gene editing systems

Excellent resolution of RNA constructs

PA 800 plus has the flexibility to work with DNA or RNA. CE-LIF gives you enhanced sensitivity

Plasmid analysis

By their very nature, plasmids deserve a high level of accuracy and deep characterization. Whether you are analyzing CC-minicircle DNA to full size plasmids, SCIEX has the solutions to fit your needs.


Robust plasmid degradation monitoring

Detect and quantify a variety of plasmid topologies that form when exposed to chemical or biological stresses.

Confident plasmid topology analysis

Easily resolve linear, circular, and supercoiled topologies of plasmids with high sensitivity

Highly precise DNA sequencing

Easy, high-fidelity sequence confirmation of DNA samples

PA 800 Plus Pharmaceutical Analysis System

Flexible platform for multiple analytical assays with a temperature controlled capillary for the utmost reproducibility

Kit-based Assays

Get the reagents you need to run your experiments with one of the broadest selections of kit-based assays

GenomeLab GeXP ™ Genetic Analysis System

Get the flexibility to achieve your goals immediately by bringing your analysis in-house and taking control of your data.

Capillary Electrophoresis with Laser Induced Fluorescence (CE-LIF) detection

Achieve maximum sensitivity with the PA 800 Plus Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF) detection – providing at least three orders of magnitude of impurity detection – 0.1% and 0.01% respectively.