Native Mass Spectrometry

Observe non-covalent interactions with native mass spectrometry

Native mass spectrometry (or native mode analysis) has always been very interesting, but it has also become very useful. Analyzing non-covalent species is required for new and emerging classes of protein therapeutics, such as bispecific and multi-specific antibodies. It is also needed to identify size variants of conventional monoclonal antibodies (mAbs). SCIEX has answered the call for high-resolution, native mass spectrometry with our Turbo V™ Ion Source design and ion optics. SCIEX technology is ideally suited to efficient and gentle desolvation of non-covalent complexes, which enables aggregate analysis, stoichiometry determination and fragment-based drug design.

Maintain non-covalent complexes

Witness higher level interactions for a higher level of understanding

Native mass spectrometry enables better development of both current and next generation biologic therapies. Native mass spectrometry provides accurate information on higher level structure, aggregate identity, non-covalent binding and stoichiometry of binding. SCIEX native mass spectrometry solutions enable scientists to achieve dalton-specific confirmations of both protein–protein and protein–ligand non-covalent interactions.

X500B QTOF System

High-speed, accurate mass analysis with a compact and streamlined QTOF system and the renowned Turbo V™ Ion Source

TripleTOF® 6600+ LC-MS/MS System

Built for large-scale quantification and flexible use. Achieve sensitive and robust quantification using dedicated low flow source technology

OptiFlow® Turbo V Ion Source

Switching to high-sensitivity, low-flow analyses couldn’t be easier.

Phenomenex bioZen

With new titanium hardware to minimize priming, three particle platforms for optimal versatility and eight particle chemistries to maximize selectivity and sensitivity.

Why use native mass spectrometry in biopharma?

Sean McCarthy, Ph.D. provides insights into why native mass spectrometry is an important and emerging in biopharma analysis.

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