Become a SCIEX
Gold Channel Partner

Our goal is to provide customer experience excellence on a worldwide basis. We want to combine your expertise and services with SCIEX solutions to secure customer’s needs for their laboratory.

SCIEX Gold Channel Partners are committed to SCIEX customers. It requires a significant commitment in staffing, training, and local marketing. In return, we support our channel partners to the highest level, and they operate as an extension of our direct organizations.

Partner Enablement:
Learn More. Sell More. Get More.

Training is provided in face-to-face and online, on request and needs based on the channel partner development plan. We commit that you will have the appropriate knowledge and skillset to meet the customers’ needs.

Product Training will start with the channel partner onboarding program and you will be then included in the same training sessions as SCIEX internal teams, to gain expertise in our portfolio.

Sales Training will give you an understanding of SCIEX pricing platform, key differentiators, selling techniques, and processes.

Service and Technical Training will teach you how to install the SCIEX products, manage a customer evaluation and define customer support/troubleshooting strategy.

Marketing Training will present the new trends in online marketing and how to use them in your channel partners’ website, events promotion and marketing campaigns for lead generation, reach new contacts, improve your lead to opportunity conversion and brand awareness.


  • Partner Discount
  • Deal agreement (SCIEX led)
  • Sales Qualified Leads
  • Marketing Budget

     If you would like to know more, contact us for additional information.


Become a SCIEX
Gold Channel Partner