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The University of Auckland, Auckland

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Routine Discovery Metabolomics Workflows.

Find out what the X500R QTOF System can do for you!

The field of metabolomics focuses on the chemical processes central to cellular metabolism. These molecules are more-and-more frequently measured using liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry; however, mass spectrometric workflows can be increasingly challenging to set up. Therefore, a robust solution for screening and quantifying metabolomes and metabolites is of increasing interest to allow for more integrated and routine analyses.

The X500R, a new QTOF System, was developed for routine, robust workflows and requires minimal mass spectrometry expertise. The system integrates all data acquisition; identification; quantification and review as well as reporting into SCIEX OS software, while further analyses are enabled through MarkerView™ or XCMS+ software. A prostate cancer study was used to demonstrate the untargeted metabolomics workflow using the X500R system to find key differences between cancer and healthy participant sample groups.

What you will learn

  • Metabolomics QTOF acquisition modes
  • Metabolomics and metabolite quantification workflows, including SWATH® Acquisition
  • New SCIEX OS 1.4 features for data acquisition and processing


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