Phrama Seminar Navi Mumbai

DMDG Swedish Meeting 2018

Join us at DMDG Swedish Meeting 2018.

Join us at the DMDG event and make sure to stop by our stand to speak with SCIEX & PHENOMENEX specialists. You will learn about the solutions for metabolism and biotransformation for your research in both, small molecule metabolite and large molecule catabolite analysis, and how to:

  • Identify and correlate quickly and easily metabolites and catabolites across multiple samples and automatically generate plots, overlay chromatograms or visualize MS and MS/MS data, all within a single simplified user interface.
  • Increase your confidence detecting all metabolites in your sample with a single injection analysis using SWATH® Acquisition together with MetabolitePilot™ Software.
  • Add a new dimension on your separation using Capillary Electrophoresis coupled to the MS technology.
  • Explore your LC column selectivity options, for improvements to your analytical sensitivity and resolution.