Fc Fusion and mAb Glycan Analysis: How Does CE Compare with HILIC?

Fc Fusion and mAb Glycan Analysis: How Does CE Compare with HILIC?

Glycosylation is considered to be one of the most important product quality attributes (PQAs) of many biologics. It is also one of the most challenging PQAs to match when developing biosimilar molecules. Current analytical methods can be slow and require considerable data processing, delaying the development of these molecules. Therefore, methods are needed to rapidly process samples to get an immediate and comprehensive glycan identification.

In this webinar, you will learn how a new approach using capillary-gel-electrophoresis with laser induced fluorescence (CGE-LIF) resolves glycans on Fc fusion proteins and mAbs and how it compares to the traditional HILIC approach.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • See how to rapidly resolve with CGE-LIF what you may be missing with UHPLC-FL
  • Discover how CGE-LIF identifies additional glycans not resolved by HILIC
  • Learn how CGE-LIF offers significant time savings, with analysis 5 times faster than HILIC

Who Should Attend:

  • Scientists in the biopharmaceutical industry, biomedical research, government or academia, involved in glycosylation analysis as part of biopharma drug development or proteomics research
  • R&D and analytical development directors, laboratory managers, and scientists at biopharmaceutical companies and contract research labs
  • Academics working in carbohydrate and glyco-proteomics research



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