SCIEX at 2nd GlycoCom

SCIEX at 2nd GlycoCom

Dubrovnik, Croatia

October 3-6, 2018


SCIEX will be attending the 2nd GlycoCom conference in Croatia. On this occasion, you will be able to meet with our team and discover our technologies.

Don’t miss our Symposium “Biopharmaceutical Glycan Analysis: How does CE compare with HILIC?”. It will be presented on Friday, October 5, by Professor Andras Guttman.

Glycosylation is considered to be one of the most important product quality attributes (PQAs) of many biologics. It is also one of the most challenging PQAs to match when developing biosimilar molecules. Current analytics can be slow and require considerable data processing, delaying the development of these molecules. Therefore, methods are needed to rapidly process samples to get an immediate and comprehensive glycan identification.

In this presentation, you will learn how a new workflow which resolves Fc fusion and mAb glycans compares to the traditional HILIC approach.

Visit us at our booth, we will have brochures, Tech Notes and giveaways available for you.

If you would like to attend this event, you must be registered for the GlycoCom conference.


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