Introducing DiscoveryQuant Software

Introducing DiscoveryQuant™ Software

DiscoveryQuant™ - “The Swiss-Army Knife of Bioanalytical Labs” True HTS-ADME Toxicity Testing

See how SCIEX MS instruments and DiscoveryQuant software unite to cut through the mountain of samples that are needed to be processed in High Throughput Screening ADME Toxicity. With DiscoveryQuant you get one software that can quickly build methods, acquire and produces data and print results so making light work of compound screening.

In the webinar you will see:

  • Videos of the software in action to show the ease of use and wealth of features
  • Discovery Quant software's breath of utilisation with both QTRAP® and TripleTOF® instruments
  • How TripleTOF® 6600 system, MetabolitePilot™ software and Discovery Quant work together to thoroughly examine High Throughput Screening ADME toxicity samples giving more sample information than you would have thought


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