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Presentation highlights

Hui Zhang, Ph.D.

Pfizer Recent Development of ADE-OPP-MS for Drug Discovery Applications

Lin-Zhi Chen, Ph.D.

University of Leiden Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals LC-HRMS for Qualitative and Quantitative Analyses of Oligonucleotides

Shane Needham, Ph.D.

Alturas Analytical Challenges and Solutions to Large Molecule Bioanalysis by LC-MS/MS: A Journey in Development, Validation and Sample Analysis

Christoph Messner

The Francis Crick Institute Scanning SWATH® Acquisition: Proteomics Done Fast – and What To Do With It

Tiannan Guo, MD, Ph.D.

Westlake University Generation of the First 10,000-Clinical-Proteome Data Set for Precision Medicine

Charles Neslund, Ph.D.

Eurofins PFAS Analysis in Environmental Samples: Current Status and What’s to Come

Alex Krotulski

MSFS, Center for Forensic Science Research and Education The Power of SWATH® Acquisition: Advanced Workflows for Identifying NPS and Drugs of Abuse

Robert Di Lorenzo, Ph.D.

SCIEX All Bases Covered – Cannabis Testing with SCIEX

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