ClearCore MD Software - Streamline and Simplify Your IVD Workflows

Simple, Flexible and Reliable LC-MS/MS Software That Empowers Your Lab to Do More

The intrinsic complexity of traditional LC-MS/MS systems has historically made this powerful technology inaccessible to clinical labs with constrained resources. The result has been an undesirable compromise of costly send-out testing, extended turn-around times, and limiting assay performance.

ClearCore MD Software

ClearCore™ MD Software is the answer.

The heart of the Topaz™ System, ClearCore MD Software bridges the gap. With the software, your clinical lab will experience simplified and streamlined workflows as well as method development. ClearCore MD Software ― bringing the power of SCIEX LC-MS/MS technology to the hands of the routine clinical user.

For the New Clinical Mass Spec User

Everything at Your Fingertips

A clean, grid-style user interface minimizes clicks and simplifies navigation menus, so you can focus on the task at hand

All Systems Go

The software interface places everything right in front of you with convenient status panels that minimize distractions from important tasks

...and the software has come a long way, it’s much easier for a med-tech or clinical laboratory scientist to program the instrument and know exactly where they’re at in the programming.
- Dr. James Ritchie, Professor, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine at Emory University
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Power for the Experienced Clinical Mass Spec User

Method Development Simplified

The automated features, streamlined workflows and real-time monitoring makes method development fast and easy.

Take Control

The direct device control via the status panel or individual modules.

Manage Your Lab

Integrity of data analysis, reporting and test methods are maintained with embedded features that control system access and ensure LIS connectivity.

Discover the Heart of the Topaz System: ClearCore MD Software

Get to know the innovative, meticulous software that is designed to give clinical labs the ultimate confidence when running assays on the Topaz System.

Clinical Knowledge Center

Whether you’re new to LC-MS/MS or are managing a clinical lab, the Clinical Knowledge Learning Center is your complete resource destination specially developed so you can get the most from your SCIEX clinical in vitro diagnostics systems.

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The Analytical Scientist Innovation Award Winner

“This could be another important step in allowing MS to be used in the clinic.” ~TASIA Judges

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