SCIEX OS Software 1.5 Release

Ready to Bring the Power of SCIEX OS Software to Your Workflow?

Faster, easier, and more productive - yet familiar, powerful and secure!

Learn more about next-generation SCIEX software in your resource pack, explore upgrade options for your laboratories’ needs and find out how you can get SCIEX OS Software now.

Your laboratory may be:

  • Challenged with large data sets
  • Stressed by manual review of data requiring significant time and introducing inconsistencies
  • Worried about high training costs for multiple software platforms across the lab
  • Overwhelmed by achieving regulatory compliance

The new SCIEX OS Software equips you in your pursuit to deliver accurate, clear, and reliable results in a convenient way:

  • Easy to implement, fast to learn with a point-and-click interface
  • Engineered to process complex data and present it in a user-friendly, navigable format, while alleviating potential pitfalls attributed to manual interpretation
  • Designed for regulated environments by providing tools to support 21 CFR Part 11 compliance

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.