Prof. Markus Ralser, PhD

Markus is known for his discoveries regarding the coordination of dynamics within the cellular metabolic network and the development of analytical methods to tackle complex biological questions.

Results obtained by Markus' research group have provided fundamental insights into ways to develop therapies against cancer and neurodegenerative disorders, or to understand the aging process. 

His research is focused on the regulatory functions of the metabolic network and the maintenance of its dynamics, the systematic identification of gene-metabolism interactions, the cooperation of cells to share metabolites, the evolution of metabolism and the development of high-throughput metabolomic and proteomic methods.

“Life runs on thousands of chemical reactions, known collectively as metabolism. This reaction network is highly dynamic, and adapts to many biologically important phenomena, such as ever changing environments, aging and cell proliferation. We study regulatory roles of metabolism and how its dynamics are maintained by combining methods of functional genomics with mass spectrometry.”

Markus Ralser