iMethod Application for Ethanolamines Version 1.1 for Cliquid® Software

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Ethanolamines have been used as bio- and environmental markers to measure potiential exposures to nitrogen mustards. Direct quantification of exposure to nitrogen mustards (HN1, HN2 and HN3) is difficult due to their instability1. Ethanolamines are manufactured in large volume (over one million tons per year) and have a wide range of industrial and domestic uses including: pesticide manufacturing, emulsifying agents, detergents, bactericides, and cosmetics2.  To monitor the removal of ethanolamines from industrially discharged waste water and the extent of human and environmental exposure to nitrogen mustards, a quantitative analytical method is necessary.

Analytical methods for ethanolamine quantitation include chromatographic separation with mass spectrometric detection. However, gas chromatography methods with derivatization limit the method throughput, and liquid chromatography methods with reverse phase columns suffer from poor retention and resolution.

 iMethod Application for Ethanolamines Version 1.1 for Cliquid Software

This iMethod™ Application is an ultra-high performance liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometric (uHPLC/MS/MS) method using the Dionex UltiMate 3000 Rapid Separation LC system (RSLC) with an SCIEX 4000 QTRAP® or API 4000™ LC-MS/MS System. A Dionex Acclaim Trinity P1 mixed-mode column featuring reverse-phase and cation-exchange retention mechanisms is used to provide retention and resolution for all analytes within five minutes. The MS/MS system is operated in MRM mode to ensure sensitive and selective detection.

To learn more about how to use this test and possible results, view the flyer: iMethod™ Application for Ethanolamines Version 1.1 for Cliquid® Software.


Reduce development time

Activity Using an iMethod™ Application Traditional Method Development
Complete Test Protocol Documentation Included Weeks–Months
Sample Prep Techniques Included, with examples and references Weeks–Months
Optimized MS/MS Acquisition Parameters Included Weeks–Months
LC Instrument Parameters with Retention Times Included Days–Weeks
Integration (Quantitation) Parameters Included Days
Reporting Templates Included Days
LC/MS/MS Library Spectra May be included. Stand-alone libraries are also available. Weeks–Months
Staff Training – Software Simple Cliquid® Software interface, no additional training Traditional MS Software and review procedures – Days
Method Validation Weeks. Validation templates and support available Weeks–Months
Complete Test Development and Deployment Weeks 6–12 months