Accelerating your response to COVID-19

Every one of us has been touched by COVID-19. The pandemic has created a new urgency for analytical science in the race to find effective treatments.

To accelerate the development of novel biomarkers, antibody development and vaccine discovery researchers require precision and speed. Even more immediate answers are needed to explore novel treatment opportunities in existing drugs.

Now, more than ever, SCIEX is a committed partner in the race to better understand the mechanisms of this novel virus.

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SCIEX COVID-19 update

While there is still uncertainty, SCIEX is doing everything possible to minimize the impact to you and your lab. The health and well-being of our associates, customers and community remain our top priority.

We are closely following direction from various international health organizations and government agencies. SCIEX has a pandemic business continuity plan (“BCP”) in place and our network of external experts, suppliers and partner organizations are providing us with vital, real-time information to help us keep you informed.

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Biomarker Discovery Overview

To develop effective treatments for this novel virus it is critical to gain insight into the disease pathogenesis if we are to better understand the stage, severity, symptoms, and progression of a patient’s response to COVID-19.

Studying viral host protein interactions to ascertain potential therapeutic targets, as well as profiling host immune response to identify potential targets for vaccine development requires in - depth exploration of biomolecules.

From proteins to metabolites to lipids, SCIEX can help you to accelerate the translation of analytical information into biological knowledge.

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Patient stratification

Listen to Prof. Markus Ralser, Ph.D. from Charité – Universitätsmedizin and Francis Crick Institute discuss his cutting-edge work on clinical classifiers of COVID-19 infection using novel high-throughput proteomics techniques. Listen now
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Move over, PCR! - Read an interview with Prof. Markus Ralser and Technology Networks on how LCMS is poised to take a vital role in clinical classification and rapid identification of new therapeutic targets for novel infectious diseases like SARS-CoV-2.
Check out his paper

Read about the unique plasma metabolic and lipidomic alterations that were discovered via targeted analysis. Learn how this research has provided valuable knowledge for biomarkers and potential therapeutic targets for COVID-19 from work performed by Xi Zhou and a team of colleagues from State Key Laboratory of Virology, Wuhan Institute of Virology and other institutions. Read paper

COVID-19 Grant Funding Opportunities

Vaccine Development

mRNA, gene therapy and advanced recombinant proteins are offering elegant pathways to rapidly develop effective vaccines that meet the challenge of COVID-19.

Precision and speed have never been more important for vaccine analytics such as attenuated viruses, peptides and proteins, virus-like particles or mRNA and gene-based therapies.

SCIEX technologies combined with new, innovative workflows for the latest generations of mRNA and gene therapy-based vaccines, provide the precision analytics you need to help bring a safe, effective vaccine to market faster.

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Analytical solutions

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COVID-19 Grant Funding Opportunities

Antibody therapies

Antibody therapy is effective for viral diseases such as COVID-19 and provides treatment via infusion of specific antibodies against the pathogen. It can be effective for immunocompromised patients, those presenting with an infection already, or those not able to tolerate a vaccine.

There are two main development pipelines. Recombinant antibody development is almost identical to how other monoclonal antibodies are produced. Blood derived anitbody development is isolated and purified from convalescent hosts. Each pathway has many challenges.

SCIEX offers a wide range of LC-MS and CE technologies to help overcome those challenges and bring your therapy to market faster.

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COVID-19 Grant Funding Opportunities

Repurposing Drug Molecules

While we are still racing to discover new drugs and vaccines in the fight against COVID-19, drug repurposing is making headlines. Remdesivir, chloroquine and the combination of lopinavir/ritonavir are just a few recent examples where existing drugs are being analyzed to determine if they can be candidates for novel diseases.

However, the process of rediscovering drugs to identify novel treatment opportunities can be costly and difficult. Speed is of the essence and having the right information at every stage is vital to bring safe and effective therapies to market faster.

SCIEX can help you vastly accelerate project timelines to get precise, accurate results to make critical decisions.

Featured Resources

Repurposing remdesevir

Benji Schwartz from Rocky Mountain National Lab, NIH/NIAID talks about the clinical benefits of remdesevir in rhesus macaques infected with SARS-CoV-2 virus: Listen now

Accelerated Drug discovery and Development

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COVID-19 Grant Funding Opportunities