Learning Manager - Manage all your staff training in one place

A 360 degree view of all your staff training

Your lab’s productivity is dependent upon the competency of your staff. Ongoing training is necessary to equip and maintain their proper laboratory skill set and ensure your lab stays competitive in an ever changing environment. While it is possible to design curriculum, develop courses and track your lab training all by yourself, there are challenges:

  • Technology and applications are always advancing requiring the need to refresh your training content constantly
  • A learning management system (LMS) with customization requires significant investment in time and money
  • A standalone LMS is not commonly part of a lab’s ecosystem

Learning Manager removes these challenges giving you constantly refreshed content and the infrastructure to assign, monitor and report on your staff's competency. It can also serve as a portal for new employee onboarding, continuous staff development and part of an employee's annual review process.

Your subscription includes:

  • Full access to all the highly rated online content available on SCIEX Learning Hub (including Premium access and paid eLearning Paths)
  • Provides recommended courses for each learner based on the equipment and workflows/applications in your lab
  • Enables you to assign training courses and set re-certification deadlines


Gain full control of your staff training

Spend less time and resources to track training

Timely, consistent and up-to-date training content at your fingertips

New employee onboarding, continuous staff development and annual review

Easy annual subscription