Our Fastest, Most Sensitive IVD Mass Spectrometer

High-Performance Mass Spectrometry Technology That Brings Ultimate Sensitivity and Speed to Clinical Diagnostics Laboratories

SCIEX Citrine™ MS/MS system is an in vitro diagnostic medical device that provides you with the highest performance and reliability to tackle today’s difficult assays, and the versatility to address tomorrow’s challenges.

Citrine System


The superior speed and performance of the Citrine MS/MS system allows you to increase laboratory efficiency by developing large multi-analyte panels. The incredible sensitivity of the system will enable you to take advantage of simplified sample preparation, and will empower you to measure low-level biomarkers and metabolites. The extended mass range of the system, up to m/z 2000, affords you the versatility to measure both small and large molecules alike. The Citrine MS/MS system is one solution for your every challenge.

Key Features

Diverter Valve

Controlled by software to divert flow away from the MS.

Flexible Ionization Options

Includes Electrospray (ESI) ionization and heated nebulizer ionization probes.

Ion Source

IonDrive™ The new design of the legendary Turbo V source increases ion production to improve reliability, reproducibility, and robustness.

Front Panel Status Indicator Lights

Provides real-time system status.

Integrated Syringe Pump

Controlled by software for ease of use.

Discover Citrine MS/MS

Significantly reduce cycle times and deliver improved, timely clinical results with a flexible medical device that pushes the limits in sensitivity, robustness and dynamic range for demanding assays.

One Solution for Every Challenge

The unique combination of sensitivity and speed offered by the Citrine MS/MS system makes this the ideal choice for the clinical laboratory, enabling trace level analysis, comprehensive multi-analyte panels, and the measurement of both large and small molecules.

Trace Level Compounds

Our most sensitive tandem mass spectrometer ever —provides the lowest possible limits of quantification, to enable the measurement of trace levels of biomarkers and metabolites at sub-pg/mL concentrations.

Comprehensive Multi-Analyte Panels

Fast MRM scanning (1 msec dwell times) and fast polarity switching (5 msec) enable the measurement of very large panels of compounds, across multiple compound classes.

Proteins and Peptides

Accurate, sensitive quantitation of compounds with masses up to m/z 2000, allows the measurement of large molecules such as peptides, protein digests and multiply-charged proteins.

Small Molecule Quantitation

ESI and APCI ionization options, an extended mass range up to m/z 2000, and a large linear dynamic range, make Citrine the perfect tool for the measurement of a large variety of polar and non-polar biomarkers and metabolites in biological fluids, over a large range of concentrations.

What couldn’t be seen. Until now. What couldn’t be done. Unt

Explore analytical performance data for more than 30 different compounds, presented here for illustrative purposes, which demonstrate the potential capabilities of the system.

Key Features of the SCIEX Citrine MS/MS System

Rapid MRM Scanning

Monitor 100’s of MRM transitions per analysis with 1 msec dwell times

Fast Polarity Switching

Experience faster than ever data acquisition with 5 msec polarity switching

Ionization Options

ESI and APCI ionization options to push the limits in sensitivity

Extended Mass Range

Mass range up to m/z 2000 for quantitation of a wide range of compounds

Quantitative and Qualitative Hybrid

Triple quad/linear ion trap hybrid for quantitative and qualitative workflows

Enhanced Selectivity

Take advantage of MRM3 scanning to enhance selectivity and improve limits of detection in complex sample matrices

The Perfect Power House for Your Clinical Lab

The Citrine QTRAP MS/MS is a unique, flexible and powerful medical device that meets the high quality and safety standards required by FDA regulations. It combines several innovative technologies that will significantly enhance analytical performance across a wide range of both quantitative and qualitative MS/MS workflows.

Hybrid Triple Quad/Linear Ion Trap

The combination of linear accelerator trap and triple quadrupole functionality allows both qualitative and quantitative analyses – in a single experiment.

Multi-component IonDrive™ Technology

Equipped with multi-component IonDrive™ technology consisting of advancements in ion production, ion transmission and ion detection.

Advanced Collision Cell Technology

The proven eQ™ electronics and the Qurved LINAC® collision cell provide unmatched support for fast chromatography applications.

Powerful MRM3 Scanning

MRM3 scanning on the Citrine QTRAP MS/MS enhances selectivity and improves limits of detection in complex sample matrices.

Analyst® MD Software

Easy acquisition software that is also compliant ready so you can operate in a 21 CFR Part 11 environment.

MultiQuant™ MD Software

Process and quantify large batches of data to get clear, reliable results in the least amount of time.

Clinical Knowledge Center

The Clinical Knowledge Learning Center is designed for directors, managers, operators and method developers in clinical labs who want to improve performance and maximize the value of their SCIEX clinical in vitro diagnostics systems.