LC-MS service and support plans

Stay fully operational with comprehensive maintenance plans to suit your lab’s needs

Both hardware and software maintenance is integral to successful laboratory operations. A mass spectrometer system that is regularly serviced will perform with up to 18% more productivity compared to a system without a service plan.

SCIEX offers a variety of service plans and packages to assist you throughout the lifetime of your SCIEX LC-MS/MS systems, including the genuine parts, software and skilled expertise you need to meet your workflow demands. Regardless of your instrument, whether it’s a legacy system or the latest, SCIEX service plans offer the same level of service, support and satisfaction.

Maintenance plans for hardware and software

The table below outlines the plan options and features available for your SCIEX mass spectrometers and software.

If you are purchasing a new SCIEX instrument, consider the Protect Plus plan, which offers a seamless way to continue maintenance and repair coverage at the end of your system warranty. Note that this plan is only available at the time of your system purchase.

Learn more about the Protect Plus plan

FeatureAssuranceMaintenanceRemoteSoftware Plus
Software Legacy
On-site workflow support and troubleshooting    
Instant workflow phone and online support (during normal business hours)  
Guaranteed onsite response time for repairs48 hrs72 hrsPrioritized  
Planned maintenance   
OEM parts used for repairFull coverage10% discount10% discount  
LaborFull coverage10% discount   
TravelFull coverage10% discount   
Data acquisition workstation    
StatusScope remote monitoring service  
Software phone and online support   Prioritized for Starter Pack onlyPrioritized for Starter Pack only
Software upgrades   Starter Pack only 
Software updates   Starter Pack only
Discounted fixed-price services  Validation service only Validation service only 
Learning Hub onlinePremium contentBasic accessBasic access 
Premium contentPremium content
Knowledge base content onlinePremium contentBasic accessBasic access 
Premium contentPremium content
Discounted rates on selected software licenses and related software services   

Assurance plan

The Assurance plan is the most comprehensive package available for your LC-MS/MS system. It offers full service and maintenance coverage that provides security and reassurance that your system will operate to its full capability. This plan includes:

  • Maximum uptime: next-day delivery of parts and fast response times
  • Top performance: unlimited access to SCIEX-approved parts for repairs
  • Budget adherence: Fixed annual fee that helps you balance your total cost of instrument ownership (excludes consumables)

Other service and support plans are available, along with fixed-price, pay-as-you-go services for preventative maintenance, repair and workflow support. Please contact your SCIEX service representative for details.

Fixed-price services

Our fixed-price maintenance services are designed according to OEM specifications to maximize LC-MS system uptime and maintain peak performance.

Key features

  • Products include labor, travel and chemical standards
  • Delivered on a fixed-price basis by a SCIEX-certified field service engineer, which provides better financial visibility into your budgeting process

Enable workflow efficiency

  • Optimize your mass spectrometer with regular replacement of consumable parts and troubleshoot internal contamination to avoid downtime
  • Maximize your system parameters to help ensure optimal and consistent performance over time
  • Set your limited-service budget on a fixed rate to avoid any unexpected overheads

Available fixed-price services

Fixed-price serviceDescription

Fixed-price planned maintenance

System review, cleaning and testing for optimal performance

Fixed-price rail clean

Quadrupole rail cleaning to troubleshoot ion optic contamination

Fixed-price clean

Instrument front-end cleaning, enhancing overall performance

Fixed-price optimization

Full instrument parameter optimization to improve system performance

You can save with additional discounts by bundling products together with fixed-price services.

Fixed-price services: essentials kits

It can take several days to receive an urgent consumable part. Reduce any administrative delays by ordering essentials kits, which contain all the necessary components for your workflow. Essentials kits contain recommended primary LC-MS service consumable parts for routine maintenance of SCIEX-supported instrumentation.

Key features

  • Recommended for on-site stock to enable immediate troubleshooting and avoid system downtime caused by a shortage of consumables
  • Available for all SCIEX MS, Shimadzu LC (20/30/Nexera), ExionLC 2.0 and 2.0+ and Agilent (1260/1290 Infinity II) systems
  • Competitively priced with bundled discounts

How this helps you

  • Replenish your stock of readily available parts to reduce downtime whenever a replacement is needed
  • Conveniently source all quality parts via a single vendor to meet OEM specifications and support your LC-MS/MS operations
  • Benefit from a bundled price on key references to perform routine maintenance and reduce cost of ownership

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