Get the benefits of high-resolution quantification selectivity with no method development.

High-sensitivity microflow quantification with the OptiFlow Quant solution

Discover why high-resolution multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) approaches are the most flexible for targeted quantification.

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Transform your quantification with microflow sensitivity and analytical flow usability with the OptiFlow Quant solution. Advantages include:

  • Superior-quality quantification data with best-in-class SCIEX Triple Quad and QTRAP mass spectrometers
  • Expert results over a wide flow-rate range with no manual adjustments on the OptiFlow Turbo V ion sourcee
  • Far greater sensitivity than traditional analytical flow LC and more robustness than nanoflow LC with the M5 MicroLC system
  • Complete flexibility to use any microflow column in any column chemistry
  • Finger-tight fittings for an easy, tool-free setup with simple connections
  • An innovative source that requires absolutely no manual adjustments for optimized spray
  • Industry-leading quantitative mass spectrometers and powerful, compliant software
  • High-sensitivity quantification with impressive microflow separation

A solution that brings you high sensitivity, and microflow quantitfication

Now you can achieve high sensitivity quantitation without sacrificing throughput and robustness with the all new OptiFlow Quant solution from SCIEX. We open up new possibilities by combining the new easy to use OptiFlow Turbo V source and the powerful M5 microLC system. You will gain significant signal-to-noise advantages while avoiding the hassle and complexity of low flow assay setup.

Optimal microflow quantification with easier-than-ever setup

SCIEX innovations that power your performance

High-performance flow control, column flexibility and intelligent spray design give the OptiFlow Quant Solution the ultimate performance edge. Gain all the sensitivity benefits of moving to microflow rates, without the added complexity of making difficult column and source connections or manual adjustments.

Boost sensitivity

Gain sensitivity and signal-to-noise advantages by moving to microflow rates, without sacrificing the throughput needed for large sample studies.

Easy setup and use

Finger-tight, standard-size fittings from the LC to the mass spectrometer mean your setup is absolutely tool-free and hassle-free, every time.

Robustness and reliability

Maximize your uptime with new spray features, intelligent SteadySpray probes and a proven mass spectrometer platform.

Flexibility to take on any challenge

Use any microflow LC column with any column chemistry to get the best performance for your project, now and in the future, including a wide variety of columns available from our partner, Phenomene

Method portability

Speed the transfer of quantification methods and ensure the consistency of results across multiple systems by eliminating manual spray adjustments.

Maximize productivity with the complete solution

The intelligent union of sensitivity, ease of use and robustness

Get the most from your microflow assays by partnering the M5 MicroLC system with a wide range of Phenomenex microLC column chemistries to achieve optimal performance for any analyte class. Standard size, finger-tight connections make connecting the microLC, to the Optiflow Source and SteadySpray Probes as simple as traditional analytical flow assays. Now with intelligent probe-sensing technology presets system source settings to an optimal range for the best spray conditions, eliminating manual adjustments on the source and decreasing optimization time.

M5 MicroLC system

Optimized microLC system for high-throughput workflows from 1-200 uL/min, and for use with limited sample volumes

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MicroLC columns

Use any microLC column in any column chemistry; choose from a wide range of microLC columns from Phenomenex for all your assays.

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SteadySpray probes

Stainless steel probes with optimized length based on flow rate range, and newly designed electrodes for consistent droplet formation for high quality spray.

OptiFlow Turbo V ion source

Based on the trusted Turbo V ion source design, the OptiFlow Turbo V ion source supports a wide flow rate range from 1-200 uL/min and requires no manual adjustments to obtain optimal spray.

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Mass spectrometers

Compatible with the high performance ZenoTOF 7600, Triple Quad and QTRAP 7500, 6500+/6500, and 5500+/5500 series MS instruments.

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Workflows powered by the OptiFlow Quant solution

Bioanalytical quant

When you need high-sensitivity analyses to quantify challenging analytes—such as peptides, antibodies or metabolites—the OptiFlow Quant Solution offers an easy-to-use microflow platform that will empower you to get high-quality data with the utmost throughput and robustness.

Peptide quant

Quantify signature peptides or therapeutic peptides in complex matrices, such as serum and plasma.

Oligonucleotide quant

Achieve qualitative and quantitative analysis of hard-to-analyze oligonucleotides.

Small molecule quant

Enhance small molecule and metabolite analysis with microflow sensitivity.