See what you've been missing with CESI-MS

CESI 8000 Plus system

Experience the revolutionary ESI-MS approach to discovering previously undetectable characteristics from the minutest amount of precious samples, faster than ever before. Whether using as a standalone capillary electrophoresis instrument or in conjunction with the power of mass spectrometry, the CESI 8000 Plus system allows you to concentrate on your science rather than technology. You’ve worked hard to get your sample this far. Get the most from that precious material and hunt down the hidden information you couldn’t see before:

  • Intact mAb charge variants with online MS detection
  • Proteoforms and peptide PTMs such as those with multiple phosphorylation sites
  • Challenging charged and polar metabolites/degradation products such as anionic and/or hydrophilic analytes
  • Isobaric metabolites and glycans not resolved by traditional techniques
  • Protein conformation and quantitation

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Key features

Zero dead volume

Single continuous separation capillary is contained within the OptiMS cartridge


Multi-detection capability

In stand-alone CE mode, UV/VIS, PDA, or LIF detection can be selected


Multiple injections from precious samples

Sample analysis from as little as 5 μL

Expand the reach of your mass spectrometer

The integration of capillary electrophoresis with electrospray ionization into a single dynamic process within the same device brings new capabilities to researchers.

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Go beyond the possibilities

The CESI 8000 Plus system high-performance system delivers fast, efficient and unique separation selectivity with enhanced sensitivity, while simultaneously expanding coverage.

CE-MS: More info, less sample

Learn why capillary electrophoresis - mass spectrometry (CE-MS) is an attractive microscale analytical technique for addressing biological questions inherently dealing with low amounts of material.

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Isobaric compounds

Simplify the analysis of isobaric compounds inadequately resolved with current methods.

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Native conditions

Study the molecular interactions and structure of your proteins and peptides under native conditions.

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See more than ever before

Expanded coverage allows you to see more than ever before.

Expand the coverage

Reveal hydrophilic charged and polar compounds and increase sensitivity in your metabolome and glycome analysis, not possible with LC methods.

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Uncover new PTMs

Confidently quantify and characterize proteoform and peptide PTMs, such as those with multiple phosphorylation and glycosylation sites.

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Separate isomers

Resolve isomers – unseeable with traditional LC-MS methods.

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More dynamic, efficient processes

CESI-MS allows for a more robust system with ultra-low-flow < 10 nL/min, into the mass spectrometer resulting an overall increase in ionization efficiency.

Minute sample \consumption

Samples are often limited in quantity. CESI-MS has nL sample consumption, leaving most of the material available for analysis by orthogonal techniques.

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Streamline your workflow

Use the same method and reagents for multi-level characterization of protein therapeutics. Switch between pos and neg ion modes without changing setup.

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Frustration free

Open tube technology eliminates frustrations common with nanoscale techniques. No more minimizing dead volumes, or dealing with carryover and clogs.

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29.2 in (74.2 cm) H x 25 in (63.5 cm) W x 28.4 in (72.1 cm) D


Portable lab bench

36 in x 30 in (91.4 cm x 76.2 cm)

Height adjusts 27 in to 44 in (69 - 112 cm)


Weight (uncrated)

188 lbs (85.3 kg)


Electrical requirements

Voltage: 100 - 240 V; 50/60 Hz


Sample trays

2 x 48 CESI vials / 0.3 mL microvials


Buffer tray

2 x 36 CESI vials


Pressure delivery range

-5 to +100 PSI


Required sample volume

5 μl when using NanoVials

The ultimate tool for high-resolution biotherapeutics separations

Food fraud analysis

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Proteomics by CESI-MS

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Metabolomics by CESI-MS

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Pesticide testing

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See why there’s nothing else like the CESI 8000 Plus system


Intact proteoform characterization using CESI-MS

Glycomics for biomarker discovery and biopharma

Multilevel characterization of therapeutic proteins

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