Cell and gene therapy analysis

Embrace a new era of medicine with intuitive and flexible analytical solutions designed to deliver meaningful results. Reduce the complexity of developing gene-editing tools and next-generation vaccines with data-driven confidence.


Continuously improve cell and gene therapy analysis and virus-particle-based drug development, with reliable and flexible analytical solutions.

Get deeper insight into product quality to enable safe and effective modern therapies to reach patients in need. Join the pursuit of improving the lives of generations to come.

Cell and gene therapy applications

Save time for what matters most. Use analytical solutions that create efficient pathways to greater insight during cell and gene therapy and vaccine development.

Cell therapy

Take chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapy and other cell therapy programs to the next level with tailored analytical solutions that provide actionable answers. Evaluate lentiviral vectors and lipid nanoparticles for gene editing and understand proteome changes with a collaborative team of experts.

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CRISPR/Cas9 analysis

Set your own schedule for CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing with innovative, intuitive analytical solutions. Unleash the potential of your Cas9 messenger RNA (mRNA), single guide RNA (sgRNA) and Cas9 proteins by understanding quality, purity and safety and assessing on/off target effects.

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Viral vector characterization

Optimize your processes with solutions that overcome the analytical challenges of viral vector-based drugs. Take control of full and empty ratios and protein and genome profiles. Break down the boundaries of protein and post-translational modification (PTM) characterization with dedicated high-resolution workflows offering unprecedented depth.

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