Capillary electrophoresis instruments

Level-up the development and QC of your biotherapeutics and beyond

The diverse landscape of plasmids, protein therapeutics (monoclonal antibodies, mAbs, and more), in vitro transcribed RNA (IVT RNA), gene editing starting material and viral vectors require pushing the boundaries of analytical technologies. SCIEX and its capillary electrophoresis (CE) portfolio are your partner to explore new frontiers and achieve actionable outcomes. With a track-record of delivering high-quality results reproducibly throughout the development of biotherapeutics and within quality control (QC) within the pharma industry, your laboratory’s needs are covered.

Explore all CE systems from SCIEX

Intabio ZT system
Experience simplified, comprehensive charge variant analysis with integrated icIEF-UV/MS technology.
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BioPhase 8800 system

Discover an innovative system that facilitates parallel processing of 8 samples, simultaneously, while delivering sensitive CE-SDS (sodium dodecyl sulfate) and cIEF (capillary isoelectric focusing) analysis. 

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PA 800 plus system
Take advantage of a flexible platform for multiple analytical assays with a temperature-controlled capillary for the highest data reproducibility and confidence.
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P/ACE MDQ Plus system

Perform high-quality separations for food and beverage testing, academic research, and more with a highly adjustable solution and industry-trusted CE technology.

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CESI 8000 Plus system

Achieve a new dimension of separation with the highest sensitivities for challenging analytes by combining CE and electrospray ionization (ESI).

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GenomeLab GeXP system

The single instrument to meet your genetic analysis needs. Leverage a variety of applications, including predictions, DNA sequencing, fragment analysis, and more. 

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Blogs and webinars

Better mRNA-LNPs: Encapsulation efficiency, mRNA integrity and more​

Discover recommendations from Dr. Jane Luo, Senior Scientist at SCIEX, for sample preparation and CE analysis to assess messenger RNA (mRNA) encapsulation efficiencies, integrity and purity.​

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Beyond mRNA: A revolution in the RNA drug landscape​

Discover what Dr. Andrew Geall, Chief Development Officer and Co-Founder at Replicate Bioscience, has to say about self-replicating RNA (srRNA) and how to achieve improved characterization using CE.​

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High-quality mRNA purity and integrity profiling​ ​

Join the Q&A with Dr. Jérémie Parot, Research Scientist at SINTEF, to uncover pressing questions around mRNA analysis from lipid nanoparticles (LNPs).​

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Create time for innovation​

Join the discussion with Dr. Theresa Merlino, at J&J Innovative Medicines, and discover how to meet increasing analytical demands for process development and formulation groups using CE-SDS.​

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The technology behind the scenes

icIEF-UV/MS​ technology​

Fast track the characterization of protein therapeutics across the drug development pipeline with the integration of icIEF-UV​ charge variant analysis with high-resolution mass spectrometry for the detection of intact proteins.​

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Ultra low-flow CESI technology​

See samples from a new persepective and go beyond the unknown with CESI. The combination of CE with ESI lets you do so while ultra-low flow rates enhance sensitivity by reducing ion suppression.

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The rich history of CE at SCIEX​

Learn more about our capillary electrophoresis instruments, and see why scientists around the world rely on SCIEX technology to bring their research into the future.​
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Capillary electrophoresis systems service and support

Help ensure the consistency of your CE analysis

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