Front-end HPLC systems

The right data comes from the right front-end solutions.

Count on SCIEX high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) systems to efficiently separate samples prior to mass spectrometry analysis. Explore a comprehensive spectrum of separation technologies, encompassing analytical flow, microflow, along with the precision of ultra-low flow CESI-MS.

Explore SCIEX products for chromatography and separations

Save time for what matters most. Explore the analytical solutions that build effective and reliable solutions to perform your important assays.

ExionLC AE system
The ExionLC AE system offers precise analytical flow LC seamlessly integrated with your favorite SCIEX MS system for reproducible and reliable assays, batch after batch.
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CESI 8000 Plus system

Achieve a new dimension of separation with highest sensitivities for challenging analytes by combining CE and electrospray ionization (ESI).

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M5 Micro LC system
The M5 MicroLC system is specifically designed to be easy to implement and reproducible. Save solvents and reduce your cost of ownership while using less of your precious sample.
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SelexION differential ion mobility (DMS) provides more selectivity to resolve difficult analytes and achieve higher confidence in detection and quantitation.

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Micro HPLC columns

Designed and optimized for SCIEX's microLC systems, our columns operate at high linear flow velocities to ensure optimal performance at faster speeds and higher throughput levels.

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OptiFlow Quant Solution

High sensitivity microflow quantitation solution that provides the signal-to-noise advantages of low flow separations, but with the robustness and usability expected of traditional analytical flow assays.

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ExionLC 2.0 system

ExionLC 2.0 and 2.0+ systems are an excellent solution for a wide range of workflows at a exceptional value. Based off well-established technology, these systems provide full-integration, control and compatibility with SCIEX mass spectrometers.

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Explore SCIEX service and support

Mass spectrometer service and support plans

LC-MS plans designed to provide the confidence you need to achieve your analytical goals.

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Software support plans

Keep your results on the cutting edge with a support plan for your operating and processing software. Use your SCIEX software with confidence that it is up to date and secure.

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StatusScope remote monitoring service

Experience real-time diagnosis, resolution and monitoring of your system with the StatusScope remote monitoring service. Get full visibility into critical parameters directly in your SCIEX Now dashboard.

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SCIEX Now Visual Assist augmented reality remote support

Bring your system back online in minutes instead of hours. Receive immediate visual support from a SCIEX service engineer while you are in front of your instrument. Identify problems faster and allow SCIEX specialists to see what you are experiencing.

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SCIEX Now Learning Hub Success Programs

Get the training your team needs to succeed with SCIEX Now Learning Hub success programs. These series of training courses and resources are designed to upskill your staff to use the latest SCIEX instruments and software.

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