Consumables and standards to help you succeed


SCIEX kits, chemistries, consumables, and reagents are custom designed to enable your workflow, tune and calibrate instruments, and alleviate complexities of sample preparation. These validated solutions provide a streamlined approach to empower faster decision making and help to reduce time to analysis.

RNA 9000 purity and integrity kit

The SCIEX RNA 9000 purity and integrity analysis kit provides all the necessary reagents to assess RNA integrity, RNA purity and estimate RNA size. With this kit, you can conduct analysis from early process development to analytical development and QC with seamless method transferability and validation completed on both the BioPhase 8800 system and PA 800 Plus system.

Protein CE-SDS Purity Analysis kit

CE-SDS technology from SCIEX is proven to generate results with the ultimate accuracy, sensitivity, reproducibility and flexibility. With the SCIEX CE-SDS kit, there is no mess, no stains and no exposure to toxic materials. Get the reagents you need to run your experiments in one convenient assay.

CZE rapid charge variant analysis kit

Post translational modifications can occur at every step of the manufacturing process. These modifications can have an effect on a molecule’s charge states and effect a molecule’s potency. Identifying these charge variants is required as a regulatory release assay. CZE (Capillary Zone Electrophoresis) makes charge variant analysis easier then ever before. In under 5 minutes of separation time, the CZE Rapid Charge Variant Analysis Kit can resolve a native state molecule’s charge variants with little-to-no method development and provide more resolution than icIEF or ion exchange chromatography

BioPhase Fast Glycan Labeling and Analysis kit

The BioPhase Fast Glycan Labeling and Analysis kit provides all of the necessary reagents to release and label N-glycans for analysis on the BioPhase 8800 system with UV/LIF. Sample preparation is performed in an automatable format with PNGase F enzymatic release of N-linked glycans followed by derivation with the charged fluorophore, aminopyrene trisulfonate (APTS). Designed for the analysis of 200 samples, this kit provides the flexibility and compatibility to achieve high-resolution N-glycan separations for glycan characterization of biotherapeutics.

Fast Glycan Analysis and Labeling Kit for the PA 800 Plus

SCIEX Fast Glycan Analysis and Labeling delivers glycan heterogeneity identification up to five times faster than HILIC. Supercharge your workflow!

Mass spectrometry calibration kits

The chemical standards kits contain reagents for calibration, tuning, and optimization for all LC-MS/MS instruments and QTRAP, Triple Quad, TripleTOF, TOF/TOF, and MALDI-TOF and QTOF systems.

SWATH acquisition performance kit

The SWATH acquisition performance Kit is designed to assess and maintain the performance of your LC-MS system. The kit contains a mixture of synthetic peptides and digested lysate for assessing performance of your SWATH and IDA experiments.