Glycoprotein to Identified Glycans in Record Time

Fast Glycan Analysis and Labeling Kit for the PA 800 Plus

Obtaining high resolution glycan data traditionally required patience, with standard analysis methods taking up to a full day. Innovations from SCIEX have sped up this process - and get you to the finish line faster.

SCIEX Fast Glycan Labeling and Analysis delivers rapid glycan heterogeneity identification, capable of profiling your glycans in record time. Combining simplified sample preparation, rapid separations and automated glycan identification, you can make confident decisions quickly by running glycans up to two-times faster than HILIC - including sialylated N-glycans.

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Accelerate Your Workflows

Make Confident Decisions Faster with a Cost-Effective Solution

The SCIEX Fast Glycan technology gives you the power to rapidly identify glycan heterogeneity. You can reduce sample prep to an hour and deliver separations in minutes, with immediate glycan identification using a cost-effective technology.

Up to 2x Faster Than HILIC

SCIEX Fast Glycan technology enables you to rapidly perform glycan separation while retaining high resolution information. This means you can characterize more samples in less time for quicker comparability assessments across a population of samples. You can also minimize the cycle time needed to course correct processes, from development to commercial manufacturing.

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Automated and Immediate Glycan Identification

The comprehensive GU based glycan reference database delivers fast separations with automated and immediate identification. Key glycan GU values are established using the SCIEX Fast Glycan assay and offer efficient identification - reducing time and minimizing errors - without the need to use technologies requiring advanced expertise.

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Sample Preparation Made Easy

Based on award winning magnetic-bead technology, the SCIEX Fast Glycan assay does not require ultra-centrifugation or advanced pipetting techniques. This makes the assay suitable for manual pipetting as well as automation. The short incubation times, combined with magnetic-bead based sample clean-up, allows you to complete sample prep in an hour. Furthermore, the magnetic-bead reduces the presence of unbound dye resulting in better characterization of complex sialylated structures.

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The SCIEX Fast Glycan Analysis Kit, (Part Number B94499PTO) includes sample preparation beads, magnet separator, labeling reagent, separation gel reagent, internal GU standard and pre-assembled cartridge (part number A55625) for your convenience and ease-of-use.*

* Sodium Cyanoborohydride and PNGase F not included.

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PA 800 Plus Pharmaceutical Analysis System

SCIEX Fast Glycan Labeling and Analysis technology is designed to be used with the PA 800 Plus Pharmaceutical Analysis System, a robust analytical platform that provides characterization of product purity, charge heterogeneity and glycan analysis, to help you with the development and quality control of therapeutic proteins.

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