Drug discovery research

Gain a competitive advantage, from drug discovery to commercialization, with high-quality data. Our fully integrated LC-MS solutions deliver quick, simple and reliable results for therapeutic drug manufacturers and contract research organizations.


Bring high-quality data to your drug discovery process quickly and simply. Regardless of scale, our integrated systems include software and services that come together as total solutions to deliver high-quality, rapid results for confident, data-driven decision-making.

With contributions from customers and industry partners, the SCIEX portfolio has evolved to meet the specific needs of drug discovery scientists.

Drug discovery research applications

Provide your drug discovery scientists with solutions that enable the rapid collection of reliable biomarker and metabolite data with greater sensitivity and higher sample throughput.

Biomarker discovery

Enhance your biomarker discovery with the ability to effectively and reliably identify and monitor molecule states across treatment stages and disease pathology. Gain rich insights into biomarkers with trusted, data-driven and easy-to-use identification and quantitation solutions and services.

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High-throughput mass spectrometry

Screen thousands of candidates for desirable drug properties and process data with confidence faster than ever before. Get the information you need to make go/no-go decisions as quickly as possible in the drug discovery phase of your work.

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Metabolite identification

Advance your drug discoveries with reliable metabolite data that save time and money. Our range of solutions supports routine monitoring and complex identification to give your team confidence during synthetic therapeutic development.

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Targeted protein degraders and PROTACs

Easily advance your targeted protein degraders and proteolysis targeting chimeras (PROTACs) with reliable and sensitive analytical data. Give your team the confidence to develop synthetic therapeutics with the support of the SCIEX technical team.

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  • "Having data same day is a very big step. In terms of what the decision-makers are getting, they are literally shipping the compounds and potentially getting results the same day."

    Simon Wood Head of Analytical Science, Cyprotex, Macclesfield, UK