Engineered to deliver best-in-class quantitative analysis

SCIEX Triple Quad 5500+ system

The best just got better. The SCIEX Triple Quad 5500+ system is equipped to conquer your laboratory’s most complex workflows and opportunities. With this LC-MS/MS system, you have the sensitivity and performance to meet analytical and regulatory demands for low-level trace detection with ease.

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Triple Quad LC-MS/MS systems deliver superior quantitative results in a single injection workflow. When you activate the optional QTRAP functionality, your instrument acts as a linear ion trap (LIT). This allows you to acquire even more data from your sample without sacrificing the sensitivity or quality of your multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) analysis. The QTRAP technology incorporates additional scan types, such as MRM3 (MS/MS/MS), enhanced product ion scans (EPI) and many more. The additional scans can run at the same time you are acquiring your MRM, without any impact on performance or quality of data.

The SCIEX 5500+ system is built on a legacy of cutting-edge engineering innovation. The quality and care are evident in the design of this mass spectrometer. The ion path contains multiple unique technological advances that will enable your laboratory to produce superior results.

Whether you are focusing on pharmaceutical drug discovery workflows, clinical research, food and beverage testing, complex environmental analysis, academic studies, or searching for answers from crucial forensic samples, the 5500+ system is equipped to handle the challenge.

The modular framework of the 5500+ system enables additional component upgrades to enhance your data. The instrument is compatible with SelexION differential mobility spectrometry which delivers exceptional selectivity of isobaric compounds. If your workflow demands low flow rates, the OptiFlow Turbo V ion source is the ideal technology to achieve your goals. Optimized for microflow chromatography, the OptiFlow ion source can further increase sensitivity, improve selectivity and reduce the consumption of solvents and other consumables.

Key features

QTRAP ready

Activating your license through a quick and easy process opens up your SCIEX Triple Quad to a world of possibilities with MS/MS confirmation, enhanced selectivity with MRM3, and other valuable scan types.


Turbo V ion source

Extraordinary robustness and superior performance across a wide range of compounds.


OptiFlow Turbo V ion source

Upgrade to the OptiFlow source for low-flow analysis. It is robust and simple to operate, with a flow-rate range of 1 -200 µL/min.


HED detector and high capacity CEM

Increased productivity with fast polarity switching of 5 msec enabling up to 6 orders of magnitude of linear dynamic range.


Scheduled MRM Pro algorithm

With Analyst software, maximize the number of MRM transitions to analyze more compounds in a single run without sacrificing precision.


SCIEX OS-MQ software

Increased MS quantification productivity with streamlined data processing*

*Upgrade to SCIEX OS-MQ software to advance your data processing capabilities with additional qualitative analysis and processing functionality.

Delivering accurate and consistent quantitation

The power and modularity of a QTRAP ready system

This mass spectrometer will exceed your expectations. It was engineered to address the things that matter to you most: robustness, sensitivity, maximum uptime, maximum productivity and a solid return on your investment.

Turbo V ionization source

Unique source architecture achieves high sensitivity over a wide range of flow rates.

OptiFlow Turbo V ionization source

Boost sensitivity with the OptiFlow Turbo V Ion source.

QTRAP ready

Activating your license through a quick and easy process opens up your SCIEX Triple Quad to a world of possibilities with MS/MS confirmation, enhanced selectivity with MRM3, and other valuable scan types.

SelexION differential mobility spectrometry

SelexION technology provides an extra level of selectivity so you can resolve difficult analytes and have more confidence in detection and quantification.

Analyst software

Maximize the number of MRM transitions to analyze more compounds in a single run, without sacrificing precision.

SCIEX OS-MQ software

The best way to process your data. Intelligent algorithms deliver a high degree of accuracy and certainty, without time-consuming manual data review.

Key features

Mass range

A range of 5 to 1250 m/z encompasses many compound classes, enabling your organization to test for more analytes and explore your laboratory’s potential


Polarity switching time

A switching time of 5 msec in MRM and Scheduled MRM (sMRM) mode increases efficiency, by performing positive and negative ion analysis in the same acquisition, without compromising sensitivity


Dynamic range

A dynamic range of up to six orders of magnitude encompasses analyte concentrations from low-level trace detection to those in high abundance


Detector type

A high-energy dynode and multichannel electron multiplier provide you with the highest quality data for every sample acquisition


MRM acquisition rate

With an acquisition rate of 500 MRM/sec, even without using Scheduled MRM, the Triple Quad 5500 system can analyze an extensive suite of compound


Scan speed

At a scan speed of 12,000 Da/sec, this system detects the crucial analytes in your sample without missing a thing


Built-in devices

A high-precision syringe pump makes it easier to optimize any new compounds you add to your portfolio of test offerings as your laboratory grows

Workflows powered by the SCIEX Triple Quad 5500+ system

QTRAP ready

Activate these powerful and versatile scan types.

Regular MRM quantification

With QTRAP technology you will still acquire the same high-quality MRM data for your low-level trace detection workflows.

Added confirmation

The EPI scan is unique to QTRAP technology. Add a spectral fingerprint to the same MRM acquisition for greater confidence in your data.

See through the matrix

MRM3 is an effective scan solution for the quantification of analytes when high background and interferences make standard MRM quantification difficult.

Unrivaled QQQ resolution

This scan is important in the acquisition of accurate molecular weight and to obtain both the value of the charge state and the accurate mass to charge ratio (m/z).

Full scan workflows

This scan type delivers a highly sensitive full scan for the detection of unknown analytes.

Key workflows

Whether for pharmaceutical analysis or food and environmental testing, the SCIEX Triple Quad 5500+ system delivers the high-quality data you need to make decisions.

Regulated bioanalysis

The SCIEX 5500+ system delivers quantitative and qualitative results for a broad range of diverse drug products. It achieves impeccable levels of sensitivity and selectivity and helps to ensure proper dosage, efficacy, and safety.

Water quality testing

Acquire data that meets the low-level trace detection requirements of drinking and wastewater labs. Increase confidence with unrivaled confirmation scans like EPI for spectral library assurance.

Antibiotics in food

Regulations determine the allowed levels of veterinary drugs in food products. These low-level residues are detected easily with MRM workflows. Activate QTRAP functionality to have even more confidence in your results.

Toxins in food

This high-throughput workflow for mycotoxin testing is critical to achieving regulatory compliance. Use a combined MRM and QTRAP library workflow to achieve a new level of confidence in your data.


A variety of complex matrices are involved when testing for pesticides in fruit, vegetables, water, soil and other samples from emerging markets like cannabis. Quantify and confirm large suites of pesticides using these robust workflows.

The software to redefine your workflows

Accuracy, simplicity, and efficiency

Delivering high-quality, accurate data is one of the primary objectives of any laboratory. Invest in the best software to achieve your data quality goals. The SCIEX 5500+ system is powered by Analyst software for simple acquisition setup and SCIEX OS-MQ software for unrivaled, fast, accurate and efficient data review and processing.

Optimized processing

SCIEX OS-MQ software introduces your laboratory to a new era of data processing. It was developed to increase your laboratory’s productivity while delivering accurate and high-quality results. The software platform focuses on getting your staff started easily so they can master it quickly.

Automatic outlier removal algorithm

The algorithm automatically identifies responses that are outside of the calibration curve parameters. It calculates linear regressions and alerts you to any irregularities.

AutoPeak integration algorithm

Improve your workflow efficiency by delivering consistent integration across samples and batches and reducing the need for manual integration. The AutoPeak Integration Algorithm significantly speeds up your data review.


Sample and data integrity are critical when delivering approved results. SCIEX OS-MQ software incorporates electronic audit trails, signatures and the security elements required for compliance with GxP and 21 CFR Part 11 Regulations.

Standard addition

SCIEX OS-MQ software incorporates native standard addition, which allows it to perform those vital calculations alongside your integrated analysis.

Enhanced filtering of results

Filter your data your way. Unique filtering functionality and advanced flag rules make it easier than ever to interpret your data and focus on key results.