Capillary electrophoresis systems service and support

Help ensure the consistency of your CE analysis

Your lab depends upon the best quality analysis to make informed decisions. Whether your organization is undertaking clone selection experiments or biologics analyses, conducting proteomic, metabolomic or genomic research, or testing crude food or environmental samples, SCIEX CE service and support can aid your pursuit. Regardless of the analysis you are performing, you need to be certain that your SCIEX CE system is maintained and serviced to a high and fully operable standard.

SCIEX prides itself on the level of care, service and support provided for its hardware and software portfolio to enable your scientific success. A dedicated CE service plan is essential to delivering the consistency of your analysis and powering scientific breakthroughs.

Capillary electrophoresis plans

Select the best coverage for your lab. A SCIEX CE plan can deliver:

  • Optimal performance thru increased system availability
  • Maximum uptime with priority response times and routing for critical system issues
  • Proactivity through performance and preventive maintenance measures
  • Top performance via SCIEX approved and certified parts
  • True value with discounts for replacements part and emergency service
  • Compliancy as SCIEX experts are ready to help you manage regulatory compliance certifications

CE service plans at a glance

You have the flexibility to choose the right level of service for your needs from a range of service plans that combine value with coverage for your CE workflow. For details on offerings in your region, please contact your local representative. The table below indicates the services covered for each plan options.

ServicesComplete planTotal planPrevention Plus plan***Connect plan
Specially trained and certified service engineers nationwide for fast, reliable support
Specialized technical hardware support team for challenging escalations
All parts are sourced from original equipment manufacturers
Technical phone and email support* by trained specialists
Discounted service replacement parts100%100%20%10%
Scheduled preventive maintenance calls 
SCIEX Now Visual Assist support for remote troubleshooting 
Prioritized onsite response for remedial repairs 
Discounted emergency services, including onsite labor, travel time or expenses*100%100%20% 
Operational qualification protocols for regulatory compliance   
Operational qualification certifications with preventive maintenance visits   
Calibration equipment documentation traceable to NIST standards   
System performance audit trails with comprehensive documentation for proof of compliance   

Consumables are not included in service contract coverage

* During normal business hours
**  Not available in all regions

Training programs across the capillary electrophoresis hardware and software portfolio

To accompany your SCIEX CE system, there is a range of classes and training programs to enable you and your team to get the most out of your system. You will be able to access all the relevant training associated with your CE products and workflows within SCIEX Now. The SCIEX course catalog in the SCIEX Now training hub allows you to choose from over 100 self-paced eLearnings or search for an instructor-led course near you. Discover which SCIEX training courses are right for you or your lab.

Going beyond to optimize your capillary electrophoresis systems

BioPhase 8800 system
Innovative system that facilitates the simultaneous, parallel processing of 8 samples, while delivering sensitive CE-SDS and capillary isoelectric focusing (cIEF) analyses. The system can be used to achieve uncompromised accuracy and faster time to answers across the biologic development continuum.
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PA 800 Plus system
Flexible platform for multiple analytical assays with a temperature-controlled capillary for the utmost data reproducibility and confidence.
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CESI 8000 Plus system
Integrate CE and electrospray ionization (ESI) in a single, dynamic process, significantly increasing separation efficiency, speed and sensitivity.
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P/ACE MDQ Plus system
All your genetic analysis needs on a single instrument. The system supports a variety of applications, including DNA sequencing, fragment analysis and multiplex gene expression.
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GenomeLab GeXP system
All you need for genetic analyses on a single instrument. The GenomeLab GeXP supports a variety of applications, including DNA sequencing and fragment analysis.
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