Drug Discovery & Development of Protein Therapeutics

Accelerate the Journey from Promising New Molecule to Differentiated Product

Protein therapeutics continue to push the boundaries of medicine. At the same time, a variety of complex new biotherapeutics continue to push the boundaries of analytical chemistry. SCIEX has a long-standing record of working with you to enable innovative mass spectrometry and CE-based solutions in these areas.

Whether you are in early discovery or further along the path to commercialization, SCIEX offers a comprehensive portfolio of hardware and software. Our robust, reliable solutions help you get to the right answer the first time – and every time – to enable the next generation of biopharmaceuticals.

Explore our comprehensive portfolio of solutions for protein therapeutics.

Intact Protein Analysis

Automate data processing at the intact and subunit level to quickly and accurate visualize the mass of your biotherapeutic and all of its isoforms.

Peptide Mapping

Automate and accelerate your peptide mapping analyses, including SVA, PTMs and disulfide bond localization.

Protein Glycosylation/ Microheterogeneity

Rapidly perform glycopeptide mapping or elucidate the intact glycan structure of your biotherapeutic.

Purity/Heterogeneity Analysis

Have the upmost confidence in your data, with Gold Standard CE-SDS solutions from SCIEX.

Identity/Charge Heterogeneity

Get the speed and sensitivity you need with fast and simple CZE or with hi-res cIEF.

Host Cell Proteins

Perform ultra-sensitive Host Cell Protein detection and quantitation without upfront method development.

Biotherapeutic Comparability

Obtain fast and accurate methods to determine comparability and Biosimilarity – flag differences between your samples automatically.

LC-MS Workflow for Multiple-Attribute Methodology (MAM)

A streamlined and complete MAM workflow for biotherapeutic attribute monitoring and purity testing.

Oligonucleotide Quant

Achieve qualitative and quantitative analysis of hard to analyze oligonucleotides.

Peptide & Protein Quant

Simple solutions to complex workflows to help you quantify peptide and protein therapeutics with increased confidence.

eBook: Biotherapeutic Analytical Characterization

This eBook can guide you on new ways to extend your analytical capability, streamline complex workflows and automate data processing. It showcases approaches to simplify complex characterization processes and make your lab more productive.