Protein therapeutics

Tackle the next frontier in protein therapeutics with analytical strategies ignited by collaboration.


Understanding the primary structure, heterogeneity and post-translational modifications (PTMs) of protein therapeutics is essential to knowing their function, developing novel therapeutics and ensuring product safety and quality.

Modifications can directly affect protein activity and result in a loss of biological activity and immunogenicity, causing adverse effects on immunity and stability. While identifying and characterizing these modifications throughout the development pipeline is crucial, it has become increasingly challenging.

Rewrite the rules of characterization for diverse and complex molecules with fast, accurate and reproducible analytical solutions designed to address the challenges of protein therapeutics. Improve decision-making and reduce risk by leveraging LC-MS, CE and CE-MS  solutions built for the delivery of accurate and reproducible data from candidate selection through post-commercialization.

Protein therapeutics applications

Discover innovative analytical strategies for protein therapeutics characterization with solutions that enable quick and confident decision-making.

Antibody drug conjugate (ADC) analysis

Be clear on what you have and how much. Understand ADC drug loading profiles regardless of the inherent heterogeneity and high molecular weight of these molecules.

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Cell line analysis

Set the pace with confidence. Cell line monitoring and analysis solutions verify the identity, purity and stability of lead candidates with high throughput strategies that are ready for automation.

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Charge heterogeneity analysis

Pursue the end goal with confidence. Achieve the full picture and accelerate decisions with comprehensive characterization of biopharmaceutical charge variants.

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Glycan analysis

Fully understand drug candidate glycoprofiles with pipeline-specific solutions. Gather critical high-resolution information and site-specific data points with advanced glycan analysis for complex biologic development.

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Intact protein analysis

Confidently select lead candidates and ensure reproducible product quality. Discover fast and reliable solutions that simplify identification and characterization of complex molecules at the intact level.

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Multi-attribute methodology

Pursue simpler, faster and more accurate product quality profiles. Reclaim time for innovation and reduce overall analytical testing burden with software solutions for product quality attribute (PQA) monitoring.

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Peptide analysis

Achieve new heights in PTM analysis with confidence and speed. Define CQAs and streamline processes from early to late-stage development with in-depth peptide mapping solutions for next-generation protein therapeutics and standard mAbs.

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Subunit mass analysis and middle-down

Take control of the unknowns. Gain confident sequence confirmation and localization of post-translational modifications (PTMs) at the sub-unit level.

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