Software and IT

Integrating and optimizing the technology in your lab is ongoing. We can assist in maximizing automation to make your lab efficient and to mitigate risks of downtime and data loss.


We provide software and IT services for your lab, helping to ensure you get maximum value from your instruments in the shortest time. By running the best software version for your workflow, you will experience improved productivity and better quality data.
Fast turnaround
Comprehensive and proactive solutions
Best-in-class capabilities

IT services for your lab

SCIEX offers IT services to optimize your lab's productivity, including:

  • Network implementation and maintenance
  • Installation / maintenance / troubleshooting
  • User provisioning
  • Data integrity
  • Business continuity
  • Backup and restore
  • Data archival / disaster recovery
  • Enterprise integration
  • LIMS interfacing

SCIEX OS software

We offer support and guidance for your transition to SCIEX OS from Analyst software.

Ensure your lab compliance

SCIEX offers compliance solutions that help ensure your lab produces quality data without delaying your projects. From start to finish, our team of compliance experts will guide you through the complete process.