SCIEX Now™ Premium Access Content

Knowledge at your fingertips

Gain instant access to premium training content and knowledge base articles to launch your advanced analytical journey today. Whether you are using advanced functions of your SCIEX software package or need quick answers to difficult questions, you have a resource available to you 24/7. Premium Access Content includes exclusive Learning Hub courses as well as special Knowledge Base Articles. Speed your workflow and grow your career with industry-leading course content and self-help tools you won’t find anywhere else!

Who is entitled to premium access content?

You receive Premium Access Content when your SCIEX instrument(s) is under warranty or you have a current support plan or you are an active subscriber to Learning Manager. You will also need to ensure that your instrument(s) is registered in the SCIEX Now support portal to get started.

Contact SCIEX to confirm your eligibility.

How to access premium content?

If you meet the above eligibility requirement and complete these stepts you will have immediate access.

Create a account or log in to your account.

Register your eligible instrument(s) in SCIEX Now™ to start benefiting from Premium Access Content.

What are the benefits of premium content?

High quality material

Enhance your workflow and method development with advanced courses, which include step-by-step instruction.

Competitive edge

Put what you learn into action immediately, as you start optimizing your workflow and methods.

More impact

Make a difference in your lab with content that is geared to ensure you make better progress in your research.