GenomeLab GeXP system

All your genetic analysis needs on one instrument

Are you seeking an ideal analytical technology? The GenomeLab GeXP system is a DNA sequencer and qPCR system all in one. Get the flexibility to achieve your goals immediately by bringing your analysis in-house and taking control of your data.

Whether you need quantitative gene expression, DNA sequencing, genotyping and/or fragment analysis, the GeXP covers everything. This extremely versatile system allows you to run more than one application completely unattended on the same plate using the same capillary array and gel, which is ideal for a busy lab with multiple projects running.

GenomeLab GeXP Genetic Analysis System
Key features

Long-life lasers

Diode lasers are used to excite infrared dyes, providing higher sensitivity at a fraction of the cost of argon ion lasers.

Dual plates

Process and track samples in two 96-well plates. An array of eight capillaries takes full advantage of the 96-well plate format, enabling over 192 samples.

Sample heating

Improves separation reproducibility, allowing more consistent results across plate.

Sample tracking made simple

Integrated barcode reader ensures accurate tracking and reporting (dual plates systems only).

Your must-have instrument for genetic analysis

Windows 10 upgrade

We are now Windows 10 compatible. Upgrade your GenomeLab GeXP system today!

Peace of mind and confidence

Keep your genetic discoveries close by performing your analysis in-house on instrumentation built on a legacy of life science innovation.


The tried and tested GeXP is easy to adopt and easy to use, so you can quickly and effectively put it to work.

Data security

No one is as passionate about your data as you. Take control of your data security by creating and keeping your precious data in house.

Built on a strong foundation

Built on a foundation of Beckman Coulter innovation, the GeXP system continues to be a workhorse for today’s applications.

Your team will achieve more

Genetic analysis like yours calls for sensitive technology capable of processing multiple genetic assays on a solitary instrument.

The ultimate multi-tasker

You work in a busy lab with many different projects running. Maximize your efficiency by running multiple applications from the same sample plate in the same queue.

Incredibly sensitive

Visualize even the smallest biologically relevant changes in gene expression. Now you can detect as low as 0.5-fold changes in expression for up to 30 genes in one reaction from as little as 25ng of total RNA.

Multiple applications

With the GeXP system you can perform a range of distinct applications that are not possible with NGS systems, such as microsatellite (STR) profiling.

Fits effortlessly into your workflows

Access data at a moment’s notice from home, or the lab and share your genetic discoveries with your team.

Software compatibility

You can install the GenomeLab software on any compatible computer allowing you to analyze the data in the comfort of your office.

Team-wide benefits

Your entire team is entitled to use the software without additional license fees.

Wise investment

The GeXP system is designed for low to medium throughput labs, offering a lower cost of ownership when compared to NGS systems.



37" (94 cm) H x 24" (61 cm) W x 26" (66 cm) D


180 lbs (81.6 kg)


100-240 VAC, 5A, 50/60 Hz

Dual wavelength

(650 nm and 750 nm) diode laser excitations

Precision analytics for oligonucleotide, cell and gene therapy

As the technologies for manufacturing and analysis of gene therapy products continue to evolve, it’s important to keep up to date on growing industry trends and analytical advancements. This compendium can help advance your gene therapies and oligonucleotide therapeutics to the next level with the latest tools and methods.

All your genetic needs on one instrument

Everything you need

You can complement your gene expression analysis with loss of heterozygosity (LOH) studies. Combine multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification (MLPA) genomic results with quantitative gene expression for the whole story. You can do all this and more on a single instrument, with one capillary array, one gel and one software.


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