StatusScope remote monitoring service

Welcome to your connected lab

You can now control your lab operations like never before. The StatusScope remote monitoring service from SCIEX is a real-time instrument monitoring service designed to give you end-to-end visibility on the critical parameters of both your research instruments and assays. Access is fully integrated into your SCIEX Now dashboard, giving you a complete picture of your connected SCIEX instruments, support issues and training. You can now be confident that your SCIEX instruments are running smoothly, wherever you are.


Make the most of your time in and out of the lab


See it. Track it. Respond.

More uptime means better productivity

Start with the Asset Tree to see all the SCIEX instruments in your lab, site or across the globe in one view. Automated alarms will tell you immediately if your instrument is down, and our response teams will schedule a service call or perform a remote fix right away.

Your instrument’s health homepage

The Asset Dashboard is your at-a-glance overview of your instrument’s status. See what’s running, key instrument parameters, and who to contact if you need help.


Spend your weekend at home, not in the lab

StatusScope Remote Monitoring is mobile-enabled, so you can check your sample queue and instrument status from anywhere.

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Asset management, to the max

When it’s time for strategic or capital investment decisions, you’ll have access to a variety of useful reports, including:

  • Instrument utilization
  • Sample processing summary
  • Instrument alarms
  • Instrument inventory
  • Instrument service history


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Secure and unidirectional connections

  • You only need to facilitate outbound TCP with SSL traffic
  • There is no need to open any new ports other than 443
  • Workstations can utilize dynamic IP addresses
  • Requires low bandwidth, similar to someone performing occasional web browsing


Make more informed decisions

One of the most striking things about StatusScope remote monitoring is that the entire global process quality lab team can monitor the status of the analysis real-time and be able to make better decisions when it comes to acquiring and managing new machine investment.
- R&D lab, Spain

Instrument and device compatibility

Mass spectrometers

  • QTRAP systems: 6500+, 6500, 4500, 4000, 3200
  • SCIEX Triple Quad systems: 6500+, 6500, 5500, 4500, 3500
  • SCIEX Triple Quad systems (QTRAP Ready): 7500, 5500+
  • TripleTOF systems: 6600+, 6600,  5600+,  5600, 4600
  • X500 series QTOF systems
  • API systems, including the API 5000, API 4000, API 3200, API 3000, API 2000 systems

Liquid chromatography

  • M5 MicroLC system
  • ExionLC 100, ExionLC AC, ExionLC AD systems
  • NanoLC 400 system
  • Shimadzu systems: SIL-20AXR, SIL-20ACXR, SIL-30AC, SIL-30ACMP
  • CTC PAL system

Other devices

  • SelexION differential mobility separation device

For best results, Windows 10, and the latest version of Analyst software, Analyst TF software or SCIEX OS software are preferred.