X500 QTOF Mass Spectrometer Systems, High Performance Benchtop Instruments

These revolutionary benchtop high resolution accurate mass spec instruments have been designed exclusively to boost productivity in high-throughput sample analysis laboratories. The X-series QTOF MS Systems are powered by the SCIEX OS user interface for simplified ease-of-use and streamlined data acquisition and analysis – it has never been easier to screen for unknown compounds, metabolomic analysis or performing biotherapeutic characterization. Now you can future proof your laboratory with a system that is robust enough for high-throughput workflows, and powerful enough for research and discovery.

X500B QTOF System

Engineered for standard biotherapeutic characterization analyses, the X500B QTOF system is a true benchtop instrument, with streamlined processing to get to a consistent, accurate view of your biologic. It is optimized for intact mass analysis, subunit analysis as well as high-quality peptide mapping workflows.

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X500R QTOF System

This QTOF mass spectrometer is uniquely engineered and versatile to handle the demands of any high throughput laboratory. Incorporating the robustness of Turbo V ionization source along with MRMHR, the X500R QTOF System can quantify food and environmental testing samples to regulatory compliance requirements. For complete unknown screening, SWATH® acquisition detects any trace level compounds and delivers vital MS/MS data for forensic crime lab workflows.

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Innovative Technology to Boost Lab Productivity

Learn what makes SCIEX high resolution accurate mass QTOF systems tick. Discover the details of the design of the hardware, software and workflows that deliver more productivity and better data for your lab.

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