Quadrupole time-of-flight for biologics

Standardized biologics characterization workflows have never been easier

Built specifically for biologics characterization, the X500B QTOF system will help you boost your analytical capacity, simplify workflows and accelerate throughput in a matter of days. This high-resolution quadrupole time-of-flight (QTOF) system combines robust and reliable instrumentation with powerful and intuitive software to get you to characterization answers faster and easier, in a true benchtop platform. And with tools to enable a complete multiple attribute methodology (MAM) workflow, to allow you to define, track and quantify product quality attributes as well as specified contaminants, or find new unspecified impurities in a single software solution.

X500B: A Quadrupole Time-of-Flight Mass Spec for Biologics
Key features

Novel N-optic TOF design gives optimal mass accuracy and resolution, even for large biotherapeutics such as mAbs and antibody drug conjugates

Renowned Turbo V ion source provides efficient ion production while limiting contamination for maximized robustness and uptime

Purpose built for biologics characterization and engineered with ease-of-use and simplicity in mind to accelerate and streamline biotherapeutic analysis

Perform intact mass, subunit analysis, and peptide mapping characterization on this single, true benchtop system

Achieve clarity on your biotherapeutic

Leveraging the latest acquisition techniques and built on a heritage of proven performance, Biologics Explorer software delivers highly accurate and informative workflows for fully characterizing protein biotherapeutics.

Easy to learn, compact and robust


A compact true benchtop system, with an ambidextrous dress panel to easily fit in your available space


Automated on-board calibration and dual-spray source gives worry free acquisition

Ionization source

Renowned, SCIEX Turbo V ion source for maximum robustness


Easy Qjet ion guide access for straightforward maintenance

Operating system

The SCIEX OS software user interface is incredibly easy to learn and maintain

Mass accuracy

Heated TOF path eliminates environmental temperature impact

Data processing doftware

Biologics Explorer software delivers data visualization and automated calculations for intact, subunit, and peptide level analyses

Purpose-built for biologics characterization

The first high resolution QTOF specifically for biologics

The X500B QTOF system was designed from the ground up to accelerate everyday biologics characterization workflows.

Intact mass analysis

Answers, simple and streamlined Solutions for biotherapeutic intact mass analysis that gives you better information for better biologics decisions

Peptide mapping

Simple solutions to complex workflows Comprehensive biotherapeutic peptide mapping workflows for better information, faster

Antibody-drug conjugates (ADC)

DAR, demystified
Learn how to focus on moving your antibody drug conjugate (ADC) through development

Lot comparability

Compare it and share it Easily identify differences from lot-to-lot, even with large data sets

Multiple attribute methodology (MAM)

Implement a complete solution for MAM to streamline biotherapeutic analysis and purity testing throughout development

More than just a mass spec

The X500B QTOF system is a complete solution for biologics characterization. The X500B provides a complete solution, designed to elevate your biologics characterization to a whole new level of productivity.

ExionLC 2.0 and 2.0+ system

A perfect match for the X500B QTOF system, delivering reliability and repeatability.

SCIEX OS software

Our newest operating platform, built for remarkable simplicity and productivity.

Biologics Explorer software

Reach decisions on the most important critical quality attributes for biopharmaceuticals faster and more confidently.

Learning center

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Intact mass analysis solution guide
Peptide mapping solution guide
Biotherapeutic comparability solution guide
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Intact analysis of antibody drug conjugates
Glycosylated and deglycosylated subunit analysis of antibody drug conjugates
Comparative peptide mapping between two manufacturers of trastuzumab using the X500B QTOF system
Routine workflow for comparability assessment of protein biopharmaceuticals
Comparative multi-supplier lot analysis of trastuzumab using subunit analysis on the X500B QTOF system
MAM workflow executive brief
MAM overview brochure