High-Performance Clinical Mass Spectrometer Medical Device

The IVD Mass Spectrometer That Delivers Exceptional Sensitivity and Fast Data Acquisition

The SCIEX 4500MD Mass Spectrometry series is a benchtop LC-MS/MS solution that delivers best-in-class reliability, reproducibility and performance for routine clinical testing.

 4500MD Mass Spectrometer


The SCIEX 4500MD Mass Spectrometer combines exceptional sensitivity and rapid data acquisition with the robustness and reliability you expect for high-throughput workflows. The enhanced performance of the system allows you to address a wide range of applications requiring low detection limits. The proven performance of the 4500MD provides accurate measurements of data even for the complex biological matrices, enabling you to improve productivity for routine high-throughput clinical diagnostic workflows.

Key Features

Keep contamination to a minimum and increase your instrument uptime

 Integrated software control to help you automatically divert the column effluent to avoid contaminating your instrument with matrix components.

Rugged, stable performance across a wide range of flow rates

Turbo V™ ionization source supports flow rates from 50 uL/min up to 3 mL/min.

Easily integrated into your lab

The small footprint of this benchtop spectrometer is ideal size for your lab.

Flexible ionization options, so you can run various applications

Plug and play ionization probes — ESI and APCI ionization modes that can operate at high temperatures (up to 750 °C).

Have greater control of your method development

The integrated syringe pump is ideal for infusing standards when calibrating and optimizing method parameters at a specified rate (0.05 to 100 µL/min) into the API source.

Get an instant view of real-time system status

Front panel status indicator lights.

Uncompromising Performance for Demanding Clinical Labs – Two Powerful Solutions

The 4500MD compact benchtop systems are powerful, easy-to-use instruments that are rugged enough for continuous high-throughput operation and maximum uptime. They provide the highest level of sensitivity for the most commonly requested analytes in screening programs, routine testing and research projects in key areas of clinical diagnostics.

Triple Quad™ 4500MD System

Reliable performance to for your quantitation needs.

QTRAP® 4500MD System

Quantitative and qualitative analysis simultaneously on a single platform.

Discover the 4500MD Mass Spectrometer

The 4500MD delivers rugged performance, sensitivity and rapid data acquisition for clinical labs that want to improve the quality of diagnostic testing, develop their own assays and perform routine tests with high efficiency and improved return on investment.

The Platform to Transform Your Clinical Lab

Easy Adoption

With intuitive software and a full complement of automation features, it fits seamlessly into the workflows of any clinical diagnostic laboratory.

Enhanced Workflows

Reproducibility of results for example analytes in human plasma shows the stability of the 4500MD system for consistent measurement.

Robust, Reliable Results

Reproducible, reliable results, injection after injection, ensures maximum uptime and continuous high-throughput operation.

Save Time, Reduce Costs

The Right Answer, the First Time Accuracy reliable measurements over a wide dynamic range for better data and greater confidence.

4500MD Analytical Performance Booklet Volume 2

Find out how the 4500MD performs with your routine clinical diagnostic compounds, as well as tackle challenging assays that will bolster your biochemistry laboratory offerings.

Innovative Solutions to Maximize Productivity for the Clinical Laboratory

Ionization Source

The legendary Turbo V Source provides high-sensitivity analysis over a wide range of flow rates with quick-change APCI and TurboIonSpray® probes

Dynamic Range

Achieve up to 4 orders of dynamic range for high-performance quantitation in your first injection, reducing the need for repeat analyses.

Mass Range

The 5 to 2000 Da mass range allows flexibility to tackle a large scope of quantitation assays on a single mass spectrometry system.

Acquisition Software

Powerful Analyst® MD Software is designed for fast and simple instrument control, data analysis and reporting.

Data Processing Software

LIMS compatible MultiQuant™ MD and Cliquid® MD Software provides a simple, four-step workflow, perfect for the routine clinical laboratory.

Increase Throughput

Fast MRM acquisition, delivers high quality and reproducible data.

Maximum Uptime

Proprietary Curtain Gas™ Interface reduces the need for routine maintenance by protecting the interface region and mass spectrometer analyzer from contamination.

Analyst MD Software

The comprehensive acquisition software that is easy and complete with features and functions to operate in a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant environment.

MultiQuant™ MD Software

Process and quantify large batches of data to get clear, reliable results in the least amount of time.

Cliquid MD Software

Working with Analyst MD Software, Cliquid MD Software simplifies routine diagnostic screening and quantitation.

ChemoView™ MD Software

Rapidly screen large data sets when paired with Analyst MD Software.

Clinical Knowledge Center

The Clinical Knowledge Learning Center is designed for directors, managers, operators and method developers in clinical labs who want to improve performance and maximize the value of their SCIEX clinical in vitro diagnostics systems.