SCIEX 4500MD system

The IVD workhorse you need to take care of your routine assays, day in, day out. 

The SCIEX 4500MD system is a benchtop in vitro diagnostic medical device mass spectrometer that provides you with best-in-class reliability, robustness and performance for your routine clinical assays. 


 4500MD Mass Spectrometer

Explore the advantages of the 4500MD system for your laboratory

The SCIEX 4500MD mass spectrometer combines exceptional sensitivity and rapid data acquisition with the robustness and reliability you expect and need for high throughput workflows. The proven performance of the system allows you to implement a wide range of applications requiring low detection limits, and proven robustness provides accurate and reproducible data even for assays using complex biological matrices. The 4500MD is the system you need to maximise uptime, enhance productivity and give you the peace of mind you need for your routine analysis.


Long term, stable performance, analyzing all common matrices for routine clinical assays without the need for operator intervention


Hit the required detection limits for your routine high throughput assays, such as prescribed drugs and Vitamin D, in both positive and negative ionization


Enjoy enhanced selectivity with unique scan options to improve robustness and limits of detection for challenging compounds in complex matrices

Hybrid technology

Generate both quantitative and qualitative data with our hybrid QTRAP technology, maximizing the information that can be obtained from a single injection

Comprehensive analyte coverage

Multiple ionization options, extended mass and dynamic ranges and fast polarity switching give the 4500MD a comprehensive analyte coverage, addressing all the everyday challenges of your routine, high throughput clinical assays

The performance you need from a mass spectrometer

Download this compendium to explore analytical performance data for more than 30 different compounds, presented here for illustrative purposes, which demonstrate the potential capabilities of the system.

Implementing MS in your laboratory - easier than you think?

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Software solutions for your every need

Take control of your assays with ultimate ease-of-use, flexibility and reliability in a feature rich environment with multiple software options, putting the power of the mass spectrometry technology directly in your hands for every workflow, every day.

Analyst MD Software

The comprehensive acquisition software that is easy and complete with features and functions to operate in a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant environment.

MultiQuant MD Software

Process and quantify large batches of data to get clear, reliable results in the least amount of time.

Cliquid MD Software

Working with Analyst MD Software, Cliquid MD Software simplifies routine diagnostic screening and quantitation.

Clinical Knowledge Center

The Clinical Knowledge Learning Center is designed for directors, managers, operators and method developers in clinical labs who want to improve performance and maximize the value of their SCIEX clinical in vitro diagnostics systems.