Why SCIEX for Our Customers

Collaborating with the world’s leading laboratories, as you pioneer discoveries that will change the face of science.

Dr. James C. Ritchie

“I can't say enough about how well the SCIEX Topaz™ System meets the needs of the clinical lab. It is incredibly easy to implement, and the 'point and click' interface makes it easy to set up a run.”

Why SCIEX for your Application

SCIEX Applications
Clinical Diagnostics
Environmental Testing
Food and Beverage Testing
Forensics Analysis
Life Science Research
Pharma and Biopharma

SCIEX Applications

SCIEX mass spec and capillary electrophoresis solutions are designed by scientists with your applications in mind. From routine testing to the most complex analytical experiments, we constantly innovate to enable you to transform your workflows.

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Why SCIEX Portfolio

Pioneering solutions that inspire life-changing research and revolutionize the industry.

Mass Spectrometers

Clinical Medical Devices

CE Instruments



Integrated Solutions

Mass Spectrometers

SCIEX mass spectrometers are designed to help you break new ground by pushing the limits of speed and sensitivity in quantitative and qualitative analyses.

Why SCIEX Pioneers

The ambition to solve our customer’s toughest challenges with the knowledge to innovate.

Subhasish Purkayastha, Sr. Director, Diagnostics R&D and RUO Chemistry, SCIEX

Subhasish Purkayastha is the Sr. Director, Diagnostics R&D and RUO Chemistry at SCIEX. His team is responsible for the development of lab solutions using SCIEX platforms.

Jennifer Krone, Ph.D., Senior Account Manager, SCIEX

Jennifer Krone is a Senior Account Manager for North Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Arizona. As part of the sales team at SCIEX, she sells cutting edge analytical technology to a variety of scientific markets.

Christie Hunter, Ph.D., Director of Applications, SCIEX

Christie Hunter is the Director of Applications here at SCIEX and her team is responsible for developing new applications using SCIEX solutions.

The SCIEX Experience

Discover how the SCIEX Success Network speeds and simplifies your path to answers

SCIEXNow™ Online

Keep track of activities that matter most to you and manage your lab in the most efficient way possible in the SCIEXNow support hub.


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