Pioneering future treatments

Pioneering future treatments

A focus on the patient is easy to see at Sutro Biopharma. Tyler Heibeck directs a team developing innovating cancer therapeutics that deliver better treatment options.

07/18/2023 | Tyler Heibeck

Tyler Heibeck cares about making a difference in the lives of patients. The team at Sutro Biopharma shares his commitment to finding breakthrough cancer therapeutics that help ease suffering and save lives. As an analytical biochemist, Tyler uses his broad knowledge and the latest mass spectrometry advances to rewrite the rules and find better answers. At Sutro, the care and dedication shine through.

  • “But why are we actually here? We’re here for the patients. We’re here to make drugs that we hope will save lives.”

    Tyler Heibeck

Tyler Heibeck, PhD

Senior Lab Director
Sutro Biopharma

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