A cast of thousands

The pursuit

A contract research organization in Colorado Springs works hard to get quality data for clients. Scientists at Aliri Bioanalysis help make drug products that result in better outcomes for patients.

07/18/2023 | Shane Karnik

Every day, the team at Aliri Bioanalysis focuses on getting high-quality data for their clients on drugs in development. As a CRO, their dynamic work demands innovative MS technology for solving the latest challenging problem. In each stage of the process, they dare to rewrite the rules of standard practice as they help make real products that affect the lives of others.

  • “You can theorize all you want, but until you actually step into the lab and do the work, you don’t know what the outcomes are going to be.”

    Shane Karnik

Shane Karnik

Senior Laboratory Director, Bioanalytical

Aliri Bioanalysis

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