LC-MS and CE instrumentation service and support

Unlock the potential of your LC-MS or CE instrument

Generate more throughput, better results, increased ROI, and higher productivity with your LC-MS and capillary electrophoresis (CE) systems using SCIEX service and support. Unlock the potential of your instruments and operational capabilities with the help of an expert team of engineers, technicians and instrument specialists.

Our service and support team is trained at SCIEX training centers and manufacturing sites along with research and development teams to learn how to quickly identify issues. Whether it’s the latest SCIEX technology or a system that has been running in your lab for years, our team has a solution for your problem.

Avoid downtime and ensure peak performance

Mass spectrometer service and support plans
LC-MS plans designed to provide the confidence you need to achieve your analytical goals.
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Clinical service and support plans
In a clinical diagnostic laboratory, you need to know that downtime won’t delay results and that you can depend on certified medical device service professionals to keep you up and running. Our clinical service and support plan is specifically designed for this purpose.
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CE service and support plans
Get high-quality results consistently and ensure maximum uptime for your CE system with expert instrument and workflow support.
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Explore SCIEX service and support

Software support plans
Keep your results on the cutting edge with a support plan for your operating and processing software. Use your SCIEX software with confidence that it is up to date and secure.
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StatusScope remote monitoring service
Experience real-time diagnosis, resolution and monitoring of your system with the StatusScope remote monitoring service. Get full visibility into critical parameters directly in your SCIEX Now dashboard.
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SCIEX Now Visual Assist augmented reality remote support
Bring your system back online in minutes instead of hours. Receive immediate visual support from a SCIEX service engineer while you are in front of your instrument. Identify problems faster and allow SCIEX specialists to see what you are experiencing.
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SCIEX Now Learning Hub Success Programs
Get the training your team needs to succeed with SCIEX Now Learning Hub success programs. These series of training courses and resources are designed to upskill your staff to use the latest SCIEX instruments and software.
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Maximum uptime

Keep your lab moving forward. Return to full operational status quickly with guaranteed onsite response, parts delivery and access to remote monitoring services.

Full SCIEX coverage

Access unrivalled expertise, parts availability and training across the full portfolio of SCIEX instruments, workflows and software.

Total workflow support

From instrument installations to relocations, software training, workflow validations and beyond, SCIEX has the coverage to support you across your entire workflow.

SCIEX Service and Support Portfolio