Ion mobility spectrometry

Differential mobility spectrometry (DMS) and ion mobility spectrometry are analytical techniques used to separate hard-to-resolve ions based on their gas-phase mobility. Multiple types of ion mobility devices exist, such as drift tubes, traveling wave, and high-field asymmetric waveform devices. However, none carry the power of SCIEX technology.

The SelexION technology is a small planar device that separates ions based on their respective size, shape, charge state, and chemical interactions, prior to entering the mass spectrometer. SelexION DMS provides an additional dimension of selectivity which increases analytical separation power, even if compounds have identical molecular weights and chromatographic retention times.

Address your biggest analytical challenges with SelexION technology based upon differential ion mobility in high and low electric fields at atmospheric pressure. Rather than returning to method development, this ion mobility device allows you to reduce noise and interferences in your sample, so you can measure the molecules that count. Used in pharmaceutical, academic, and food and environment testing labs across the globe, SelexION DMS technology brings the power of ion mobility to even routine users.

SelexION differential mobility separation device

SelexION differential mobility separation device

SelexION DMS provides more selectivity to resolve difficult analytes and achieve higher confidence in detection and quantitation. It uses gas phase ion mobility separate coeluting, isobaric and isomeric compounds, and ones buried within complex matrix.

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