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Whether you're analyzing small or large molecules or biologics, our range of triple quadrupole and high-resolution LC-MS mass spectrometers have you covered.

Our cutting-edge full scan, accurate mass QTOF technology offers compact benchtop solutions for everything from routine, high-throughput, and high-resolution workflows. Expanding our range is the ZenoTOF 7600 system for more complex quantitative and qualitative analyses as well as unique fragmentation capabilities.

The QTRAP and triple quadrupole systems will provide you the highest levels of MS/MS selectivity and sensitivity. Designed for the most challenging assays requiring utmost sensitivity and precision, and with robustness you can rely on day after day. Overcome matrix interferences, increase screening throughput, and have full confidence in your results.

Triple Quadrupoles and QTRAPS

7500 Triple Quad system - Qtrap ready

Pioneer new discoveries with our most sensitive triple quad LC-MS/MS. The SCIEX 7500 system enables quantitation at low-picogram-per-mL or parts-per-quadrillion levels in complex biological and environmental matrices. This powerful system is ideal for researchers in the environmental science, drug development, food testing and life science fields who want to develop methods to quantify compounds at previously unattainable levels.

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QTRAP 6500+ system

The QTRAP 6500+ system sees all the same benefits of exceptional sensitivity and robustness of the 6500+ Triple Quad, but with QTRAP functionality turned on from the get-go. Instantly access qualitative QTRAP scans for identification, characterization and quantification of your samples. Combine sensitive MRM analysis with qualitative insights instantly.​

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Triple Quad 6500+ system

The 6500+ Triple Quad system provides exceptional LOQs over a broad scope of chemical compounds in challenging matrices. Fast polarity switching and MRM speeds allow flexible chromatography and increased throughput. And then easily upgrade to the QTRAP functionality to gain simultaneous quantitation and confirmation.​

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Triple Quad 5500+ system -QTRAP ready

The original high sensitivity workhorse. This mass spectrometer is trusted by thousands of labs worldwide to deliver high sensitivity quantitative data on production scale. Combined high sensivity with the versatile power of QTRAP technology to add additional qualitative capabilities. Ideal for labs quantifying at low levels using standard methods and protocols. 

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QTRAP 4500 system

The QTRAP 4500 system enjoys all the same benefits of versatility and robustness of the Triple Quad 4500, but with QTRAP functionality turned on at installation. Combine sensitive MRM analysis with the added qualitative insights and specificity afforded by QTRAP technology instantly.​

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Triple Quad 4500 system

A versatile and powerful quantitative solution. The Triple Quad 4500 system is robust and hardworking, delivering precise data insight day in, day out. It is ideal for labs looking for high performance and versatility in a premium Triple Quad. And when you need it, activate QTRAP functionality and gain simultaneous quantitation and confirmation.​

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3500 Triple Quad system

A versatile and powerful quantitative solution that delivers exception value. Equipped with widely trusted technology such as the Turbo V ion source and LINAC collision cell, the Triple Quad 3500 system offers sensitive MRM analysis combined with trademark SCIEX robustness. Ideal for labs that need the power and prestige of a SCIEX Triple Quad at a lower price point

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QTOF instruments

ZenoTOF 7600 system

A revolution in accurate mass has arrived. This high-resolution accurate mass system combines the power of Zeno trap pulsing with EAD fragmentation technology (electron activated dissociation) to unlock sensitivity gains that reveal new, rare, or even previously undetected information on an everyday basis. 

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X500 systems

The X500 QTOF systems are your go-to benchtop systems for simplified, high-throughput data acquisition and processing for standardized analyses. The X500B is purpose-built for standard biotherapeutic characterization analyses while the X500R offers robust qualitative and quantitative performance for food, environmental and forensic workflows, or for metabolomic analysis.

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Integrated solutions

IntabioZT system

The Intabio ZT system couples icIEF separation and UV detection with high-resolution mass spectrometry on the ZenoTOF 7600 for peak identification.  Experience one integrated workflow with a single, accessible dataset containing the required information to make the right decisions, fast.

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Echo® MS+ system with Triple Quad 6500+ system

The Echo® MS+ system with Triple Quad 6500+ system combines high-quality data, unparalleled standards of quantitation, and high sample throughput so you can make informed decisions, today. Using contactless sampling via Acoustic Ejection Mass Spectrometry (AEMS) at sampling rates of up to 1 sample/second, this is a complete solution that removes bottlenecks in high-throughput analytical workflows.

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Echo® MS+ system with ZenoTOF 7600 system

When you need precision and analytical flexibility, the Echo® MS+ system with ZenoTOF 7600 system combines high-quality data with high sample throughput so you can make informed decisions, today. Using contactless sampling via Acoustic Ejection Mass Spectrometry (AEMS) coupled with the flexibility of scan types and mass range on the ZenoTOF 7600 system, make go/no-go decisions quickly.

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Clinical diagnostics IVD-R device portfolio

Citrine system​

The Citrine system brings ultimate sensitivity and robustness to meet your most challenging clinical diagnostics assays. The Citrine Triple Quad and Citrine QTRAP systems provide the speed and performance to increase your laboratory productivity today and address tomorrow’s clinical diagnostics and research needs.

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4500MD system​

The SCIEX Triple Quad 4500MD and QTRAP 4500MD systems provide the required sensitivity and specificity levels for core clinical diagnostics applications. The versatility of these mass spectrometers enables clinicians to perform routine quantitative analysis for the ever-increasing everyday demands of the modern clinical laboratory. 

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New frontiers in quant

Putting things together in a way nobody has thought about before—this definition of innovation is the origin of LC-MS/MS technology.

LCMS 101 video

New to LCMS? Watch this training video to learn the basics.​

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Mass spectrometer service and support plans

LC-MS plans designed to provide the confidence you need to achieve your analytical goals.

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Software support plans

Keep your results on the cutting edge with a support plan for your operating and processing software. Use your SCIEX software with confidence that it is up to date and secure.

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StatusScope remote monitoring service

Experience real-time diagnosis, resolution and monitoring of your system with the StatusScope remote monitoring service. Get full visibility into critical parameters directly in your SCIEX Now dashboard.

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SCIEX Now Visual Assist augmented reality remote support

Bring your system back online in minutes instead of hours. Receive immediate visual support from a SCIEX service engineer while you are in front of your instrument. Identify problems faster and allow SCIEX specialists to see what you are experiencing.

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SCIEX Now Learning Hub Success Programs

Get the training your team needs to succeed with SCIEX Now Learning Hub success programs. These series of training courses and resources are designed to upskill your staff to use the latest SCIEX instruments and software.

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