Professional laboratory services

At SCIEX, we offer a range of professional lab services to help our customers tackle their most pressing scientific challenges. 


Expertise and professionalism your lab can rely on.

The SCIEX professional services team draws upon decades of experience from all aspects of life science workflows and laboratory environments. The vast level of expertise, attention to detail and care that is delivered throughout your project will be second to none. There are lots of key projects that the SCIEX Professional Services team can help you with to ensure your lab increases productivity, compliance attainment, instrument verification and relocation. Regardless of the task in hand the SCIEX Professional Service experts are your trusted partners in delivering laboratory and scientific excellence. 

Bespoke solutions for your lab's needs

Laboratories are unique, there is not one set of services that can comprehensively support requirements, objectives and goals. The SCIEX professional services team offer customized solutions and services to help realise your lab’s ambition. The team offer the following:

  • Full consultation and evaluation of your needs
  • Improved efficiencies and increased productivity 
  • Complete visibility into financial considerations for cost reduction
  • Resource support

As the team find out more about your needs and the scope of the work required you will receive a project pan with costings aligned to your budgets, along with an expected timeline. All this information is provided prior to the commencement of the project. If you would like to request SCIEX professional services then please follow the link below.