See the Future of Diagnostic Accuracy with SCIEX Clinical Solutions

The SCIEX clinical diagnostic portfolio includes an FDA-cleared assay for in vitro diagnostic use, mass spectrometers and fully integrated LC-MS/MS systems with easy to learn, intuitive software. With our Global Support Services and Educational Knowledge Center you now have everything you need to maximize productivity in your clinical lab.

Learn more about the advantages and benefits of using LC-MS/MS in your clinical lab.

You are increasingly expected to deliver more for less. Improve the quality of results, achieve faster turnaround times and reduce costs – with fewer resources and shrinking budgets. Mass spectrometry in the clinical lab is experiencing rapid adoption as a routine testing tool that can alleviate these ongoing pressures. Why you ask? Mass spec offers:

  • Excellent accuracy, precision and sensitivity, leading to greater confidence in results compared to other laboratory tests
  • The ability to simultaneously monitor multiple analytes, significantly increasing the efficiency of your lab
  • Flexibility to develop new tests, allowing your lab to adapt to new demands
  • Lower cost per sample combined with robust performance, so your lab can maximize instrument uptime and meet cost targets

Mass Spectrometry Medical Devices

The Ultimate Technology for Accurate Clinical Analyses You need to deliver reliable and timely patient test results under challenging regulatory and financial pressures. LC-MS/MS systems offer the perfect solution and the gold standard for accuracy, but those available to clinical labs have been highly complex with significant barriers to adoption. Now there is a solution. SCIEX offers robust, sensitive and fully functional mass spec solutions, with smart sophisticated software designed for multiple levels of experience. With SCIEX, diagnostic laboratories can expect maximum uptime and benefit from over 40 years’ experience in tandem mass spec innovation. Our affordable benchtop platforms offer high sensitivity, low detection limits and high specificity, leading to better data than alternative testing methods, allowing you to support clinicians with confident results.

Clinical Applications

Quantitative Excellence for Assays and Lab Developed Tests Mass spec has been at the forefront of clinical biomarker discovery for years. Many of those biomarkers have gone on to become routine clinical diagnostic assays used in testing patient samples around the world. Clinicians are utilizing mass spec for assays including Vitamin D testing, endocrinology, therapeutic drug monitoring and toxicology screening, with leading edge research in validating new biomarkers that will serve as the future of clinical testing. Discover what mass spec can do across a host of clinical diagnostic and research applications.

Clinical Mass Spec Knowledge Center

Everything You Need to Know, All in One Place Now you can find out about diagnostic mass spectrometry, understand how to integrate SCIEX products into your laboratory and learn how to use them successfully. We have thousands of members using our Knowledge Center who develop their knowledge in the latest mass spec innovations and benefit from continuing education credits. Access to a searchable document library, with a quick link to search specifically for safety information (SDSs) and assay kit documents Access to all training services Link to information about the history of SCIEX clinical research/pipeline