X500R QTOF system reduces the complexity of HRMS

High throughput screening for unknowns just got simple

Screening for unknown compounds in complex samples is difficult, but not finding them can have massive consequences on your results and your lab's reputation. High resolution LC-MS/MS can do the job, but is traditionally hard to implement for daily routine testing:

  • Data are complex and data processing is virtually impossible
  • Systems are not robust enough to handle the full sample batches needed
  • Quality of results are compromised by challenging matrices

The X500R QTOF system changes all this.

X500R QTOF System


With simple workflows, robust hardware, and end-to-end balanced performance, the X500R QTOF is the first high resolution LC-MS/MS system designed for routine testing to deliver exceptionally reliable results.

Take the complexity out of your data
Made for high throughput food, environment, and forensic testing labs, the X500R QTOF system was designed for performance so you can simplify screening and quantitation of unknowns in complex samples. But, it is more than just a mass spec. The X500R workflow ensures a seamless implementation for your lab. From methods to support, SCIEX has all the tools you need to maximize your success.

Key features

Stability through long runs

Six heater drones throughout the TOF path ensure that the system maintains mass accuracy even through longer runs.

Superior instrument uptime

Quick and easy QJet access enables fast and efficient maintenance, so your instrument is up and running virtually all the time.

Robust ionization in complex samples

Renowned ionization performance from the Turbo V ion source is now delivered with a high-resolution accurate mass analyzer.

Never compromise on performance

The N-optic design with 4mm orifice leading into the TOF accelerator tube delivers resolution without compromising sensitivity.    

Requires very little precious lab space

Occupies less lab space than any other HRMS on the market today (110x57x112cm).

Simplify the complexity of high resolution mass spec

Simple workflows, robust hardware, and balanced performance

Expand the potential of your laboratory and deliver comprehensive sample analysis. The X500R QTOF system is a high resolution accurate mass LC-MS/MS system designed for high throughput testing.


X500R technology introduction


Workflow introduction


SCIEX OS software introduction

X500R compendium

Compilation of X500R system in action technical notes

Future-proof system

Meet today's objectives and tomorrow's opportunities with this rugged and robust high-resolution mass spectrometer. The X500R QTOF system can handle your most complex matrices without compromise. Achieve trace level quantitation with MRMHR and unrivaled general unknown screening with SWATH acquisition.

Software for simplicity

SCIEX OS software on the X500R QTOF system is highly intuitive, accelerating data collection and simplifying data processing for technicians of any skill level.

Practical high-resolution workflow

Reduce backlogs and deliver results on time. The X500R incorporates Turbo V technology which enables your lab to see the key analytes in the most challenging of samples.

Key features of the X500R system

Mass range TOF

Up to 40 kDa. Precursor ion selection: 5-2250 m/z.

Mass accuracy over time, external

Less than 2 ppm RMS over 12 hours of LC-MS

Ionization sources

Turbo V ion source with twin sprayer ESI probe and twin sprayer APCI probe

TOF-MS resolution and speed

≥ 42,000 (FWHM) measured on the (M+6H)6+ charge isotope cluster for bovine insulin at m/z 956

Maximize productivity with the complete solution

ExionLC 2.0 and 2.0+ systems

Analytical flow LC with superior expandability, robustness and carryover performance.

Spectral libraries

Dramatically enhance the quality of your analysis with high resolution and QTRAP system libraries.

Screen 664 forensic tox compounds in < 10 mins

Detect a comprehensive suite of familiar and novel psychoactive forensic analytes in whole blood or urine.