Bio Tool Kit Software

The Bio Tool Kit micro-application provides the most commonly-needed functions for the characterization of biomolecules by mass spectrometry, including intact protein spectral deconvolution and manual sequence tagging.

Bio Tool Kit is a plug-in module for use within PeakView™ Software, requiring PeakView version 2.1 or later in a Windows 7 environment.

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Upgrade to the most recent version of PeakView Software to take advantage of:

  • Manual Sequence Workflow
    • Peptide De novo sequencing
    • Peptide MS/MS fragment matching
  • Peptide Mapping Workflow
    • Protein sequence in silico digest
    • MS mapping with MS/MS confirmation
  • Reconstruction Workflows
    • Intact protein
    • Peptide mixtures
    • Manual determination
    • Oligonucleotide in negative mode
  • Extensive Data Dictionary
    • Over 500 sample preparation and biological modifications
    • Add custom modifications


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