Polymorphic miRNA binding sites in the WFS1 gene are risk factors of diabetes mellitus

Wolframin is a major protein of the endoplasmic reticulum, it is expressed in most tissues and clinical data demonstrate its significant connection to diabetes mellitus. Loss of function mutations of the WFS1 gene result in the monogenic Wolfram-syndrome, characterized by optic atrophy, diabetes insipidus, early onset diabetes mellitus and deafness. Accordingly, polymorphic variants of the gene, which cause only minor alterations in protein function, are putative risk factors of diabetes. This presentation focuses on the association and molecular analysis of two SNPs (rs1046322 and rs9457) in the 3’ UTR region of the WFS1 gene, which are supposed to alter the binding of miRNA-668 and miRNA-185, respectively, based on in-silico data.
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