Forensic Analysis that Delivers Defensible Results

As scientists, we understand that the world of forensic analysis is a moving target. To detect and accurately identify relevant compounds in critical samples requires confidence. Particularly since an increase in violence, terrorism, and government intervention mean you never know how much or how little sample may be coming to your lab. Therefore, having an updated forensics infrastructure in place, one that can manage the demands of high-volume throughput without compromising on accuracy is vital to the competitiveness of any of the following labs: Anti-doping, WADA, crime, drug screening, academic research or homeland security lab.

To achieve these goals and remain in compliance with regulatory bodies, a full suite of forensic technologies spanning the following is needed:

  • Evidence collection
  • Preservation
  • Processing
  • Testing
  • Analysis

To better manage whatever samples come your way, SCIEX offers a comprehensive forensic analysis solution for anti-doping and forensic toxicology that are easy to incorporate into existing laboratory operations. Criminalistics such as these deliver fast, and highly accurate data across a multitude of compounds and biomarkers, from the known to the new, and novel. By accurately detecting even the smallest compound angles, these solutions help to ensure the integrity of your results in an industry that is never constant.

The Benefits are All Positive

  • Get the right result the first time
  • Keep your lab running efficiently
  • Stay in compliance with regulatory bodies
  • Remain up to date with forensic instrumentation
  • Maximize uptime
  • Incorporate new technology into your infrastructure with ease