Integrated LC-MS Solutions

You have questions, and we have answers with integrated LC-MS solutions from SCIEX. Thoroughly tested and tightly aligned, these end-to-end mass spectrometry workflows give you everything you need to get the most out of your sample from start to finish. Engineered for both novice and expert users across a wide range of market applications, choose from workflows that matter most to your lab.

Integrated for simplicity, the mass spec solutions offered here include straightforward approaches to analyses, so you can propel your lab to the answers you’ve been looking for. The combination of LC-MS hardware, software, consumables, training and support have been specifically designed to bring your lab to a new level of productivity.

OptiFlow Quant Solution

High sensitivity microflow quantitation solution that provides the signal-to-noise advantages of low flow separations, but with the robustness and usability expected of traditional analytical flow assays.

Routine and Advanced Biotransform Solutions

From fast and efficient MetID to in-depth, comprehensive metabolism studies, SCIEX offers an integrated solution to give you confident biotransformation answers.

Simplifying Quantitative Lipidomics

The Lipidyzer™ Platform offers a complete lipid analysis solution that can differentiate and quantify over a thousand lipid molecular species across 13 lipid classes. Fully streamlined methods, software and internal standard strategies ensure that the highest data quality can be obtained without the need for complex method development.

MPX LC-MS MultiPlexing Solution

MPX 2.0 High Throughput System takes advantage of the downtime between injections from your LC and multiplexes two LC systems into one Mass Spec, doubling your throughput. Integrated LC-MS and software solution effectively monitors potential carry-over and can automatically clean the system and trigger sample reanalysis.

Biologics Quant Solution

The Biologics Quant Solution for large molecule quantitation offers you everything in one place to go from samples to answers with confidence. Simplify method development, accelerate your workflows, and get accurate bioanalysis results, faster than ever before.